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What to Expect in Drug Treatment

What to Expect in Drug TreatmentRehab programs and facilities vary in their treatment methods and offerings. Because no one program is right for every San Diego resident, there are variances between them. Despite the differences there are certain common elements that can be expected from an addiction treatment program.

What to Expect during the Admissions Process

Elements of the admissions process may vary, but the goal is the same. Programs need to identify the needs of each patient, so they can best determine how to meet them. San Diego residents will need to provide basic information such as name, age, substance abuse history and any insurance information. Admissions personnel will attempt to get a true picture of a patient’s physical, mental and social situation. The information-gathering process is likely to involve questionnaires, lab tests and interviews.

What San Diego Residents Should Expect during Detoxification

The first element of recovery is a medically supervised detox process. When people are addicted to drugs, they experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug isn’t taken on a regular basis. Some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. During detox medical personnel monitor withdrawal symptoms and keep San Diego residents safe and as comfortable as possible. Some drug treatment facilities include detox as part of their programs, but others expect patients to complete detox elsewhere such as in a hospital or clinic setting before entering a treatment program.

What San Diego Residents Should Expect during Drug Addiction Counseling

Counseling on both a group and individual basis is an important part of most drug treatment programs. Different counseling sessions have different goals. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common aspect of counseling in which counselors and San Diego residents identify persistent thought patterns that may contribute to ongoing drug use. Some sessions may be designed to help individuals increase their motivation to change and overcome their ambivalence about the addiction recovery process. Identifying personal drug use triggers that may contribute to relapse is another important topic addressed in counseling.

Other Elements to Expect in Drug Treatment

Most drug treatment programs offer an element of education. It is important for San Diego residents to understand the addiction and recovery process and what their drug of abuse may have done to their body. Understanding what to expect at each stage of recovery can help people avoid discouragement or relapse.

For many people peer support groups are an important part of recovery. Many drug treatment programs introduce patients to these groups during their drug treatment programs and then expect them to continue to attend after rehab has been completed.

Some patient and professional teams choose to use medications such as methadone to help overcome certain addictions. At other times people become addicted to a drug such as a prescription painkiller that was originally prescribed to treat a medical condition. If the original medical condition still exists, patients may need to use another medication to treat it. Prescribing and monitoring medications is part of many drug treatment programs for San Diego Residents.

What to Expect from Yourself in Drug Treatment

Recovery from drug addiction isn’t a quick or painless process. It is a journey that requires determination and persistence. Early rehab experiences may feel uncomfortable, but this is normal. It is also normal for San Diego residents to leave a completed drug treatment program grateful for having stuck with the program and faced their issues honestly and courageously.

Finding Drug Treatment for San Diego Residents

We can help you find the drug treatment program that meets your individual needs. Our toll-free helpline is staffed around the clock, so we are always ready to discuss your options with you. Our phone counselors can even check your insurance coverage if you wish at no cost or obligation. Recovery is possible, and it can begin right now.