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What Are Recovery Schools?

What Are Recovery Schools?

Recovery schools support teens and young adults through addiction recovery and high school

San Diego teens and young adults sometime face great pressure to abuse drugs and alcohol. For many of these teens, the lack of support during childhood leads to drug abuse and dependence; in addition, young people sometimes make poor choices, so they need help to get back on track. Luckily, recovery schools offer to such young people some comprehensive educational programs. With this help, youths can transition from drug dependence to social independence.

How Recovery Schools Work

The core of all recovery schools is that every student is important and valuable. Every San Diego teenager deserves a chance to learn while healing from addiction—through the combined power of education and social support, these people can find their own paths in life. These recovery programs, which are first and foremost schools, also involve rigorous support systems for drug addicts, so they foster healing, abstinence and sometimes risk-reduction efforts.

For many recovery schools, relapse is not the end of recovery. These institutions know that relapse is part of the recovery process, so it indicates that a student needs more support. Some schools emphasize certain programs, such as the 12-step program, but many schools abstain from the one-size-fits all model of such treatment. Instead, they emphasize the sense of community and trust among students and staff. San Diego students are encouraged to talk to teachers and principals about emotional problems and to engage with each other to learn.

While the effectiveness of these schools has not been empirically assessed, some preliminary data have shown promising results, as many students leave these programs to lead drug-free lives. They go to college, take part in internships and apprenticeships, form healthy social bonds and generally lead successful lives. In other words, whatever circumstances brings a San Diego teenager to a recovery school, these schools can get them back on track.

Where Are Recovery Schools?

If you or your San Diego child would benefit from a recovery school, the first step is finding the school that best fits you. Unfortunately, few recovery schools exist: there are some dozen public recovery schools in the US along with a handful of private ones. This fact means that many young adults must travel to a different state to enroll in such a program. More information can be found on the website of the Association of Recovery Schools or by calling our toll-free helpline.

Help for San Diego Drug Addicts

If you or a San Diego loved one needs support or guidance, our admissions coordinators are here to offer it. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so call now to get the support you need.