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The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical Advice

The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical AdviceDrug rehab centers are not on the list of top 10 vacation destinations, but San Diego residents go because they have a legitimate drug problem and treatment is the best way to fix it. Still, addiction recovery is a process, and some people experience low points in which they want to quit. Here are some common excuses addicts give to quit rehab:

  • Rehab is too difficult – There is always an adjustment period for new environments, and San Diego patients often experience anxiety without their main coping mechanism, i.e. drugs or alcohol
  • Withdrawal symptoms are too painful – Treatment centers offer the most pain-free detox possible, but the psychological addiction is what often causes the discomfort
  • Feeling out of place – Some people feel better, stronger or different than everyone else in rehab, which is a subconscious way of throwing up emotional walls
  • Treatment is unnecessary – People might say they already know a lesson or that the lessons are repetitive, but this typically involves a struggle to open up or face their unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Dangerous overconfidence – A person might feel healthy, strong and anxious to return home, but feeling good for a few days is not the same as setting a proper foundation for recovery

Modern rehab centers range from exotic locales to faith-based programs. Some San Diego residents might complain because their families force them into rehab, but the most common motivation to leave early is the addiction itself. Substance abuse can enslave a person physically and psychologically, and it’s important to remember the reasons for seeking help in the first place.

Dangers of San Diego Drug Addiction

Drug-related emergency-room visits are at an all-time high, and so are the fatalities. This just shows how many people were wrong when they discounted their risk of overdose or drug interactions. Other potential dangers of drug abuse include the following problems:

  • Health deterioration and organ damage
  • Financial stress from an expensive habit
  • Hiding mood disorders that grow worse if untreated
  • Potential criminal consequences
  • Covering up drug use and lying to loved ones
  • Reduced decision-making skills
  • Potentially serious accidents

Moreover, a relapse after leaving treatment can be particularly dangerous. There is a tendency to over-indulge and overdose, which can cause significant problems.

Why Should Addicts Stay in Treatment?

Many new experiences feel awkward at first, and addiction treatment works the same way. Nevertheless, recovery provides a sense of freedom and invaluable new life skills. If San Diego residents stay in rehab, they can benefit in the following ways:

  • Examination of the root causes for the addiction
  • Treatment for any depression, anxiety or mood disorders
  • Tools to recognize and avoid drug-use triggers
  • Behavioral therapies to encourage a healthier lifestyle
  • Techniques for handling stress, temptation and struggle
  • Aftercare counseling to treat any problems that arise
  • Freedom from a debilitating addiction

Anything worth having is worth fighting for, and freedom is always worth having.

How San Diego Residents Can Find Rehab

Do you live in San Diego and need help finding the right rehab center to deal with addiction? If so, our expert staff is available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to connect you with the right options. We can also check health insurance policy for coverage. Call us now, and let us help you and your family stay free from addiction.