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Taking Personal Responsibility for a Future without Addiction

Taking Personal Responsibility for a Future without AddictionAddiction is a multi-faceted disease with physical, emotional, and social components. Some people have a higher risk of addiction than others and San Diego residents can become addicted in a number of ways. However, no matter how someone became addicted, she is unlikely to recover unless she takes personal responsibility for her past, present and future actions.

It has been said that people shape their environments, and afterwards their environments shape them. Although it is impossible to shape every aspect of the environment, San Diego residents can take certain actions to safeguard sobriety and make it more likely for a long-term recovery.

How to Stay Sober in San Diego

People can shape both their external environments by avoiding people, places and activities that remind them of substance abuse. This is a difficult choice, especially when old friendships and habits have been built over many years. But new habits and friendships can be built, even though may initially experience longing and regret for those old friends and activities. Choosing to ride out this regret while believing in your sobriety is evidence of taking personal responsibility for addiction. Choosing to build a new group of friends who support addiction recovery is one of the best choices San Diego drug addicts can make.

How to Manage Sobriety in San Diego

San Diego residents can also shape their internal environments by addressing unhealthy thoughts and mental patterns. The first step to shaping your thoughts is to pay attention to them. For instance, you may realize that you think you are destined for addiction because many of your family members struggle with it. Once you acknowledge that thought, you can counter it by remembering the people in your family who don’t suffer from addiction. Remember that people are in charge of their own bodies, regardless of family history, and that few people are forced to consume an addictive substance.

There is a long list of unhealthy thoughts that can indicate a lack of responsibility for addiction, including the following:

  • I am who I am and I can’t change
  • Life isn’t fair and I’ll never be happy
  • I wouldn’t be addicted if it weren’t for all the stress from other people
  • Rehab won’t work for me
  • If I have some initial success I’ll probably just relapse later anyway

These thought patterns can keep San Diego residents addicted to drugs. If you recognize any of these debilitating thoughts in your own thinking, take action now to begin your recovery.

San Diego Addiction Help

If you’re ready to take responsibility and address addiction, we can help. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline and let us help you find a treatment option that’s right for you. We can check your insurance coverage for you if you’d like, and can answer your questions. There’s never a wrong time to call, so do so now and take charge of your own life.