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Should I Avoid Dating While Recovering from Addiction?

Should I Avoid Dating While Recovering from Addiction?During the first few months of recovery in San Diego, recovering addicts are often faced with extreme hardships such as triggers, drug cravings and strong emotions. Relationships are often the first sign of dysfunction in an addict’s life. Most recovering addicts have a history of dysfunctional relationships. Because of their past, recovering addicts may be hesitant to start dating again in San Diego.

How Can Relationships Challenge Recovery?

In comparison to how social groups can challenge addiction and recovery, romantic relationships can challenge recovery in both negative and positive ways in San Diego. Included in the following are some reasons relationships can challenge recovery:

  • Pressure
  • Stress
  • Rewarding

Relationships of any kind can create pressure on an individual. This pressure can be positive for a recovering addict to avoid relapse, or the pressure can be negative so that the recovering addict feels that he or she needs something to help them escape the pressure. Stress is also present in all relationships in San Diego. The stress in relationships is to ensure that the other person is happy. Relationships can also be very rewarding because you may feel complete and happy by being in a healthy relationship. Also, healthy relationships can help recovering addicts build a strong foundation of people that they can trust and contact when they are having a bad day.

How and When Should Recovering Addicts Start Dating?

Time is valuable to everyone. Most people spend their time in San Diego doing what means the most to them. Included in the following is when and how a recovering addict should start dating:

  • Only when you’re ready
  • When you can be honest about your past and what you need in your future
  • When you can successfully avoid entering a relationship that can jeopardize your recovery and sobriety

Only start dating once you are mentally and emotionally ready. People may try to rush or push you back into dating. However, moving too fast can jeopardize the work you have put toward your recovery. Be honest with the person you are dating. Let them know about your past, and clearly communicate that any drug use will not be tolerated and may jeopardize your sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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