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Private Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Although 1.8 million people sought treatment at a state or federally funded facility, millions more chose to seek treatment at a privately funded institution. Private drug rehab facilities offer many of the same types of drug treatment that public institutions do but generally feature better care in the form of more treatment options and more staff members. You may just wish to explore some of the benefits of this treatment instead of seeking public care.

Benefits of Private Drug Rehab

Private Drug Addiction Treatment ProgramsPrivate rehab has a number of benefits, based even on the name. If you are concerned about your privacy while you’re in treatment, private drug rehabilitation centers are designed to keep your anonymity.

Additionally, private rehab can offer you luxurious, round-the-clock care. Most private rehab facilities allow you to have your own room, and some may even offer personal chefs or other amenities. Private rehab is a form of treatment that is designed with your health and comfort in mind.

Private rehab can also give you the option of different forms of treatment. If you’ve attempted conventional rehab, perhaps an unconventional approach will be better. If this is the case, holistic care may be an option for you.

Holistic Private Drug Addiction Treatment

Holistic rehab is one form of private treatment that is sometimes underused. Perhaps it is because the method of treatment is new or simply misunderstood, but holistic care can be a powerful alternative to other forms of rehab. Holistic treatment is primarily spiritual in nature and doesn’t focus on traditional medicine. Patients can still undergo detox and therapy, much like conventional treatment; however, holistic programs generally do not administer typical pharmaceuticals. Instead, organic and natural medicines are prescribed to deal with any pain patients experience during the drug detox treatment and withdrawal symptoms.

The goal of holistic treatment is to provide a safe place to heal the mind, soul and body. Along with conventional counseling, holistic treatment also allows you to engage in meditation, horseback riding and even some forms of play or art therapy.

Any rehab comes at a cost, however, and private rehab is no different. If you are interested in private rehab and have concerns about the cost, that’s understandable.

Paying for Private Drug Addiction Rehab

When you choose private drug addiction treatment, it’s important to be aware that the extra amenities you may enjoy do come at a somewhat added cost. You have many options for paying, however, so this treatment is never out of reach. Your insurance plan may authorize you to undergo some form of drug addiction treatment. It’s simply a matter of whether your chosen facility accepts your insurance plan. You may also fund your treatment through loans from family, friends or a bank. Some private facilities also allow you to finance treatment if you can’t pay it in full immediately.

No rehab option is out of reach if it’s necessary. Our addiction hotline is here to help you choose a form of private rehab that works for you.