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Preparing Your Home for Life after Rehab

Preparing Your Home for Life after RehabComing home to San Diego after rehab is a rewarding and challenging time for a recovering addict. There is a sense of achievement that accompanies the success of getting sober, but there is also fear that independence will cause relapse. Fortunately, this presents an opportunity for the recovering addict to make changes to his environment and routines. It is important that he make his home a safe place for recovery that reinforces the values of his new lifestyle.

How San Diego Residents Can Make Home a Safe Place to Recover

This involves both physical and emotional aspects, such as:

  • Securing or removing drugs or alcohol – This is a crucial, tangible step for a recovering addict in San Diego. Temptation will be a challenge in any case, but ensuring that these substances are not readily accessible can help reduce the chance of relapse. If another resident of the house drinks alcohol or takes prescription pills, ask them to keep the substances in a secure place and keep track of the remaining amount to help you keep your distance.
  • Taking care of your living environment – Before rehab, the recovering addict may have let his personal space and possessions fall into disarray. The living space should reflect the recovering addict’s new lifestyle and sense of responsibility.
  • Communicating with the people that live with you – Being clear about the proper amount of assistance versus independence is crucial. Discuss anything that family members or roommates can do to increase the chances of long-lasting sobriety. Let them know if you need gentle help and support or firm guidance to help them understand what they can do to help.
  • Staying healthy – Valuing your health and learning to take care of your body are important aspects of recovery. Keeping healthy food in the house and exercising are ways to remind yourself that your physical well-being is one of the driving reasons to remain sober.
  • Establishing a routine – Structure can be a helpful tool in this time of uncertainty. Because rehab offers structure and organization, establishing a framework for the way that you spend your time may help you better manage independence.
  • Avoiding boredom – As a recovering addict, learning not to be dependent on drugs or alcohol for a good time may be one of your biggest challenges. Boredom may present a threat to your self-control. Invite supportive friends over. Make your home a place where you can work on constructive hobbies, or simply be comfortable relaxing.

Help for San Diego Residents Struggling with Addiction

If you or a loved one in San Diego are addicted to drugs or alcohol, don’t wait any longer to find the help you need to overcome addiction. Our trained addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to connect you with the treatment plan that is right for you. Call our toll-free helpline today.