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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Mental Health and Addiction TreatmentMany San Diego residents suffering from drug or alcohol addictions also suffer from mental disorders that can complicate their situations. For years, people had to receive treatment at separate treatment centers for each issue, but there are now treatment options for users seeking treatment for both their addiction and their mental disorder. Dual Diagnosis Treatment is an emerging treatment that has proven to be effective in users suffering from a mental disorder and addiction. Dual Diagnosis Treatment focuses on the effects your mental disorder may have on your addiction, and vice versa. While a co-occurring condition can complicate things, Dual Diagnosis Treatment can help you through your disorder and addiction in a healthy way.

How Do Addiction and Mental Disorders Affect Each Other?

Things can swing both ways when you’re suffering from co-occurring conditions. There’s no telling whether your drug abuse or your mental disorder may come first. You may live in San Diego and suffer from a mental disorder and self-medicate through drug or alcohol abuse, leading to an addiction and the increasing severity of your mental disorder.

Alcohol and drug abuse can increase the risk of mental disorders. Mental disorders are complicated, and are a result of a combination of risk factors including genetics and your environment. Abusing drugs or alcohol when you are already at risk could lead to a mental disorder. Abusing drugs or alcohol can intensify symptoms of an existing mental health disorder. Drugs or alcohol may counteract drugs prescribed for your mental disorder, or you may decide to stop taking those drugs altogether.

Finding the Right Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you live in San Diego and are searching for a dual diagnosis treatment center, find one that does the following:

  • Treats your substance abuse and mental disorder
  • Includes education about your mental disorder and addiction
  • Teaches skills that will help you cope with stress outside the treatment center
  • Focuses on your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing
  • Offers aftercare treatment options
  • Is properly accredited and is clean with a professional staff

Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment Info?

If you live in the San Diego area and are looking for more information on Dual Diagnosis treatment, we want to help. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day and we are waiting for your call so we can talk to you about the specifics of Dual Diagnosis and can point you to an effective treatment center. Call us today, so we can figure out if your health insurance will pay the cost of drug or alcohol rehab. Dual Diagnosis Treatment can be very effective, so call now and find out more.