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Making a Life In Recovery Your New Normal

Making a Life In Recovery Your New Normal

The right approach can make life after addiction a successful one, encouraging a positive outlook

Life after addiction is both an exciting and complex time. Now the former addict has to learn to adapt to a new form of life that will allow him to maintain his hard-earned sobriety while trying to acquire a productive and satisfying lifestyle.

Instead of going back to former habits and old practices, the person in recovery needs to find a “new normal” in his or her life. This might make him feel, at first, like a normal life in San Diego is not possible anymore. But instead of seeing this as a loss, the healthiest outlook is considering this as a new opportunity for a fresh start that promises many rewards. There are some suggestions to make addiction recovery a process of learning and growth that are not hard to follow and can help San Diego residents find a new normal.

Addiction Treatment as an Opportunity for a Fresh Start

A good suggestion given to most addicts in recovery is to try to organize their lives as soon as possible after treatment. One of the best ways to begin is by making a schedule of activities that will keep you busy and active during the day. This is useful especially right after rehab when urges and cravings are more common. Also, this will help you keep your mind on productive activities until you manage to go back to work or start other projects. Your schedule might contain activities such as:

  • Looking for a job
  • Exercising or playing sports
  • Reviewing the lessons learned in treatment
  • Attending support groups
  • Spending quality time with family
  • Entering a course or learning new skills

Once you start seeing your new schedule as part of your new life, the feeling of normalcy will come back eventually.

Adapting to a Life of Addiction Recovery

Life after addiction may also imply changing friendships, jobs, sources of entertainment, priorities and goals. What used to be a typical Friday night before could now put you at risk of a relapse, so you could decide to spend the weekend now in healthier or more relaxing activities.

You might also not be able to go back to your former job. If this is the case, make it a goal to start looking for a job that will help you maintain your objective of staying clean. Remember also that your first job after rehab is usually a transitional one; one that will give you experience and stability until you find something better or more rewarding.

Your relationships will likely change for the better too. So take this time to repair broken family or friendship bonds and create new ones. You will find that having friends that encourage your recovery will give you the necessary strength to continue going forward.

Are You Looking for Addiction Help?

Our toll free helpline with lines open 24 hours a day has been made available to all San Diego residents to find treatment programs and addiction help. We have free information regarding family counseling, medically-supervised detox programs, intervention services, a national network of rehab facilities, transport to and from rehab, Dual Diagnosis rehab centers, assistance to fill and use insurance for treatment and advice in finding the best values for rehab. All it takes is one call to begin your process of recovery.