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Living up to Your Potential When Free from Addiction

Living up to Your Potential When Free from AddictionYou’ve been through so much. You’ve overcome obstacles you thought were impossible. You’re a changed person. Now what? The next step is consistency. If you are recovering from addiction in San Diego, find a lifestyle that fits you, remember why you want to stay sober and continue treatment.

Being Social in San Diego without Drugs or Alcohol

One of the biggest changes in your life since giving up drugs or alcohol will be avoiding the people, places and events that enable drug abuse. This may mean giving up San Diego friends who do drugs and staying away from old hang outs where drugs are available. Going without this familiar social structure may seem like uncharted territory…or just plain boring. Who are you without partying? How can you have fun without drugs or alcohol? Finding new ways to be social and have fun without drugs may seem challenging and simultaneously rewarding. You have a chance to explore new hobbies, find new passions, and enjoy new interests. Get healthy by eating right and exercising, or show off your new healthy, energy by volunteering. San Diego addicts can get involved with other recovering addicts and become a mentor.

Reasons to Stay Sober in San Diego

Your family, friends, and loved ones should be among the top reasons to stay sober. Living up to your potential may include repairing your relationships. Support groups can become another type of family that can keep you motivated. You may have religious reasons to remain sober – incorporate your faith into your life. Another incentive to live better is that you’re saving money by not blowing loads of cash on your addiction. You can put your money to good use – like travel! There are tons of ways to have fun without addiction. The key is to stay busy and find distractions when you want to use again. Continuing treatments outside of rehab may also help any San Diego addict.

What to Do after Addiction Treatment

It doesn’t have to be anything major, but you need to have some form of aftercare that reminds you where you came from, how vastly you’ve improved, and how important it is that you continue your sobriety. Aftercare could be as intense as a halfway house or sober-living home, or aftercare could be as flexible as monthly meetings with a support group. San Diego addicts will gain confidence and find encouragement from regular sessions with empathetic friends. Again, find consistency in your treatments even after primary rehab.

Find Life in San Diego after Addiction

Do you or someone you love in San Diego want more information about addiction and how to recover? Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline anytime you need to speak with one of our caring call center agents. If you want to improve your life but are worried about financing rehab, ask about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab.