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Listening to Your Loved One about Addiction

Listening to Your Loved One about AddictionYour San Diego loved one is not the enemy. You don’t have to fight the person—fight the addiction. You won’t help if you’re making your loved one feel guilty and useless, powerless and inadequate. When the reality of an addiction hits home, your loved one doesn’t need you to make it clear that she needs your help. Find ways to support your loved one without hindering her recovery.

How to Help a San Diego Drug Addict

There is a big difference between empathy and sympathy. You’ll need plenty of empathy to understand your loved one’s situation and put yourself in his shoes. Knowing how your loved one feels about his or addiction can prevent arguments or end disputes faster and with more agreeable results. Sympathy is when you pity someone for her mistakes. A San Diego drug addict doesn’t need pity. Your loved one needs genuine support and concern.

Cultivate the attitude to help your loved one as you follow her through treatments. Even slight changes in attitude can make profound impressions on your loved one. When dealing with an addict, attitude is often a matter of balance. Your loved one needs consistency, someone who doesn’t give up. At the same time, you need to know when enough is enough. Don’t enable your loved one’s addiction. Keep positive, but prepare for the worst. Don’t overcrowd your loved one, but be there when you are needed.

Getting Involved in Your San Diego Loved One’s Addiction Recovery

Listening to your loved one’s opinion about his addiction can help everyone understand the other situation. Being empathetic and adopting a positive attitude can help too. However, the most productive way to help your San Diego loved one may be enlisting the help of an interventionist or counselor. An interventionist will help reach your loved one and guide you both through the recovery process. Therapists and counselors can mediate your discussion with your loved one. You can’t be guaranteed an easy ride, but getting help can prevent devastating arguments and smooth the roughest bumps out of your loved one’s road to recovery.

San Diego Addiction Help

We’re here for you. Your toll-free call to our 24 hour helpline will connect you to a call center agent who wants to help you in any way possible. Real people are waiting to speak with you and give practical advice for all your questions about addiction. When you call, ask about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab.