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Learning from Past Addiction Recovery Mistakes

Learning from Past Addiction Recovery MistakesAddiction recovery is an ongoing process with many ups and downs. During the first weeks after getting clean, many addicts in San Diego experience an emotional high. It feels incredible to be free of life-controlling substances. But nearly every recovering addict makes mistakes. Setbacks, while unfortunate, are common and can be a valuable part of your eventual victory.

Common Recovery Mistakes

The following are some of the most common recovery mistakes that lead to relapse in San Diego:

  • Overconfidence in one’s ability to resist temptation
  • Ending treatment too soon
  • Exposing oneself to stressful triggers prematurely
  • Stopping attendance of recovery meetings and support groups
  • Maintaining friendships or romantic entanglements with users
  • Keeping temptations or struggles to oneself instead of sharing them with others
  • Believing that once detoxification is complete, a small taste won’t be a problem

The psychological power of addiction in San Diego is strong. The addicted mind will focus on the failure and generate fear, shame and feelings of futility. Recovery may feel impossible. The disease will make starting back down the path to recovery extremely difficult.

Maintaining a Proper Perspective on Mistakes

These mistakes are just that: mistakes. They do not mean the end of your recovery in San Diego. The majority of long-term recovered addicts failed at least once or twice. The key is to make your mistakes work for you instead of against you. Try the following:

  • Write down as many of the thoughts, feelings and ideas you entertained before slipping in a journal so you can go back later and remember where your missteps were made.
  • Get to a recovery meeting as soon as possible, and share your story with others. Getting it out prevents it from festering in secret.
  • Get busy helping others in San Diego on their recovery path, and share the wisdom you are gathering with them.
  • Seek out recovering addicts with many years of sobriety, and ask to hear about their past recovery mistakes.
  • Put the new coping, relaxation and avoidance techniques that you learned in rehab into practice.

Use your mistakes. Arm yourself with the experience they provide, and leave them behind. Take one day at a time, and be vigilant the thoughts, emotions and habits that caused you to stumble in San Diego.

If You Have Stumbled and Need Help, Call Now

Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have made a mistake that caused you to relapse, or if you feel likely to use now, please call. Our counselors are here to listen, to encourage, to give you advice, or to connect you with ongoing recovery resources in your area. If you have never experienced the many benefits of comprehensive, holistic addiction rehabilitation, we can help you find the best treatment available. Mistakes are common and unfortunate, but you are not defined by them. Call now. We’re here for you.