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Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?

Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?A growing number of television programs depict addiction treatment. This can demystify the process for San Diego addicts in need of treatment, but it can sometimes present a false picture. For most people, addiction treatment is less dramatic than what is often shown.

What Is and Isn’t Shown about Addiction Rehabilitation

Television programs are designed primarily to entertain. A large amount of footage is shot, and film editors choose what to air to create a storyline. Conflicts often make the final cut because they are dramatic and likely to maintain a San Diego viewer’s interest. It’s easy to assume that conflict is a larger part of rehab than it actually is.

It isn’t only the selection of shots that inaccurately depict rehab, but the filming process itself. Few people are can act naturally in front of a camera. The fact that they are being filmed may affect the words and actions of clients and treatment professionals alike. Certain television programs feature celebrities, and, although recovery is their goal, they may have ulterior motives that affect how they behave.

Another drawback of relying on television for a complete picture of rehab is that only the people who have signed release forms are shown. Family members may be behind the scenes; or, they may show interventions, but generally there has been much preparation ahead of time which San Diego viewers don’t see. This can lead to an incomplete picture of what is generally involved in a successful intervention.

San Diego Addiction Treatment

Rehab programs differ in a number of ways. There are differences in philosophy, treatment approaches, staff makeup and environment. However, the following elements are common to quality programs:

  • Medically supervised detox in which withdrawal symptoms are treated and patient safety is monitored
  • Education regarding the addiction and recovery process and what to expect as it progresses
  • Counseling focuses on identifying situations that trigger relapse and thought patterns which may perpetuate the addiction
  • Motivational enhancement that moves through the stages of change
  • Identification and treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression

San Diego Rehab Help

If you live in San Diego have questions about rehab, we can help you find answers. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day and our phone counselors can discuss addiction treatment with you. They can check your insurance coverage for you at no cost or obligation. Don’t let television programs about rehab scare you or give you a false picture. Take a step toward freedom today.