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How Do I Know If I’m Making Progress In My Addiction Recovery?

How Do I Know If Making Progress In My Addiction Recovery?Admitting to an addiction problem and seeking help from professionals are the first steps in addiction recovery. This alone is an accomplishment, but it is not the whole journey for recovering San Diego residents. Continuing on the path to recovery can be difficult without clear signs of achievement, but recovery and a drug-free life are a possibility for everyone.

San Diego Residents Should Celebrate Small Wins in Addiction Recovery

Good managers motivate their employees by celebrating small wins. This practice keeps employees committed to projects even though the task may be long-term or the final results ambiguous. The same approach can be applied to addiction recovery. Ask your counselor to help you set clear and realistic goals throughout the course of your addiction recovery. Some of these goals may include the following:

  • Establish sobriety for a specified period of time
  • End relationships with individuals who encouraged your drug use
  • Take responsibility for your role in addiction
  • Reestablish relationships with friends and family
  • Develop methods for overcoming cravings that work for you
  • Attend recovery classes or network events
  • Find a recovery mentor or accountability partner at home in San Diego

By celebrating small wins along the course of your recovery, you will stay motivated to work toward your next goal. A series of small, tangible goals is often easier to achieve than one long-term goal.

How Long Will Addiction Recovery Take for San Diego Residents?

One reason that it is difficult to recover from addiction is that there are no concrete timelines in addiction recovery. Your path to recovery will be unique to you and will be affected by your addiction, your commitment to treatment and your circumstances. It is important to stay encouraged in your addiction recovery by reflecting often on the successes you have already achieved. One way to document these successes is to keep a recovery journal noting the various milestones along your path to recovery. It is also important to surround yourself with people in San Diego who will encourage your progress and celebrate these milestones with you. Family, friends, counselors and recovery specialists are all vital to your success.

How Can San Diego Residents Get Help with Addiction Recovery?

If you are ready to begin addiction recovery or are simply interested in learning about the first steps, we can help. Our team can help you set and make clear goals and celebrate your successes. If you’re ready to commit to an addiction recovery plan, help is available. Call our toll-free number now.