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Fears about Life after Rehab

Fears about Life after RehabThe media has often portrayed rehab as a cross between a prison and an insane asylum. While these depictions may have good entertainment value, they also often cause people who need of treatment to fear the programs that can foster recovery. As scary as rehab is for anySan Diegodrug addict, it is life after rehab that really frightens them.

Expectations of Life after Rehab

The most powerful aspect of addiction is the effect it has on a person’s thoughts and emotions. The addicted brain will throw every possible thought, excuse, anxiety or fear at aSan Diegoresident considering treatment. In addition to common concerns about rehab, many people fear the following problems after treatment:

  • Life can’t be very much fun without getting drunk or high
  • All of my friends will abandon me
  • There are too many consequences from my addiction
  • I’ll never be able to afford rehab, because my bills will keep piling up
  • I will relapse after rehab

On the other hand, someSan Diegoresidents who are in the middle of treatment fear leaving. They enjoy the companionship, support, relaxation and activities of rehab and fear that they can’t handle life on their own. The most successful treatment programs considerable time preparing their clients for life after rehab.

How Rehab Works

The truth about life after rehab is that it is often far more satisfying, peaceful, enjoyable and even exciting than people can imagine while under the influence of addiction. The following are common experiences of those who graduate from a rehab center:

  • They rediscover previously important passions and hobbies
  • They mend relationships they broke while addicted
  • They feel optimistic and even proud of themselves for what they have accomplished
  • Due to improved responsibility they see improvements in their financial statuses
  • They see how nice it is to live without a constant need for substances and the fear of being caught
  • They find meaning in helping others on the road to recovery

Preparing for life after rehab and engaging in aftercare is critical forSan Diegodrug addicts to recover. Ongoing support group meetings, one-on-one counseling sessions and opportunities to spend time doing productive work are all important parts of the healing process.

San Diego Rehab Help

If you live in San Diego and are ready to put your disease behind you, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now. Our counselors can answer any questions you have about what to expect during and after treatment. The call is confidential and you have nothing to lose. Don’t let a fear of the unknown keep you from getting the help you need. You can break free if you reach out for help.