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Family Reconciliation after Addiction

Family Reconciliation after AddictionIt is no secret that drug addiction or alcoholism does not only affect the user themselves; it wreaks havoc and devastation on everyone involved, and especially the addict’s family. While under the influence or clouded by addiction, a San Diego addict will change her thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This will ultimately affect how she interacts with and treats her loved ones.

How Addiction Affects Families in San Diego

Addiction can certainly create problems between spouses. The addict may behave in ways than cause anger, resentment, guilt, or fear which can lead to detachment and separation. An addict may abuse his partner physically or emotionally. It can bring about feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, sadness or depression. Spouses may blame themselves for the other partners’ condition. Many San Diego spouses will even try to over-compensate for their partners and take on all of the task and responsibilities. This large amount of stress can cause envy, hatred and can even lead to co-dependence, where the other partner feels the need to start using drugs or alcohol as well to compensate for shortcomings.

Addiction can also cause many problems for the parent/child relationship. A San Diego child watching a parent struggle through addiction will experience a wide array of emotions. One of the greatest concerns is that the child will lose all trust and respect for the parent. In witnessing violence or neglect a child may grow to fear a caretaker and may cut all emotional ties. A child may no longer want to be around the parent; or worse, he may decide to follow in the parent’s footsteps.

No matter the relationship, addiction will cause pain to everyone in the family unit. Arguments will occur, feelings will be hurt, love may fade and the physical and emotional scarring will be deep. And while relationships may suffer, everyone deep down will worry about and fear for the life of a San Diego loved one. These relationship problems all the while will profoundly affect the addict; while it may not seem so, the strains of these failing relationships can push people further into addictive behavior. Having the opportunity to repair these relationships is only one of the many benefits that can result from addiction treatment.

The Role Family Plays in San Diego Residents’ Recovery from Addiction

Family plays a significant part in addiction recovery. Receiving support is an absolute necessity for an San Diego addict. A recovering addict will lean on family throughout recovery and look to them for guidance, encouragement, motivation, accountability and support. Without these things an addict may feel alone in recovery and turn back to drugs or alcohol.

Repairing Relationships in San Diego through Addiction Recovery

The experts in addiction understand how important family is during addiction recovery, which is why they include San Diego families in the treatment process. Quality treatment centers encourage families to participate in recovery by joining family counseling or therapy groups. These opportunities allow everyone who was affected by the addiction a chance to heal together. By getting help from the experts a family is able to work through their issues and learn how to move on and grow together.

San Diego Addiction Help

If you live in San Diego and would like to learn more about programs and addiction recovery services for families, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our highly trained rehab counselors are available 24 hours a day to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about finding addiction treatment. You do not have to go through this on your own; let us help. Call today.