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Drug Detox Treatment

Drug detox is an important step in the addiction recovery process. The process of detox is not strictly limited to drug addictions; it is also used as part of alcohol addiction treatment and sometimes even eating addiction treatment. Detox can be a treatment method on its own or act as part of a complete drug treatment program.

What Is Detox?

Detox is considered to be a cleansing of toxins and harmful agents from the system. Drug detox is a somewhat complicated process that requires you to stop using whatever substance you are addicted to and allow your body to adjust. During the detox process, you will most likely feel the effects of withdrawal, as your system has grown accustomed to the toxic substances. Withdrawal can be mild or severe, depending on the substance and how dependent your body has become to it.

Addictions Needing Detox

Drug Detox TreatmentYou may wonder if your addiction is one that can benefit from detox. Doctors and treatment staff will tell you that detox can help all addictions but some dependencies do require it.

Physical dependencies and those that cause you to experience withdrawal make detox necessary. Alcohol addiction and opioid addictions commonly require detox, and detox is also recommended for addictions to methamphetamine and sometimes even marijuana. One reason why detox should be considered is because even after you’ve been drug-free for some time, you are likely to continue to crave the drugs. Detox expels them from your system, making physical cravings less likely.

How Is Drug Detox Treatment Administered?

Detox can be administered as a standalone treatment or as part of a larger treatment program. Standalone detox programs can be both outpatient, like methadone clinics, or inpatient, such as temporary hospitalization. Each of these programs requires no further counseling or other treatment; however, if you detox as part of a more extensive program, you will be required to participate in further therapies.

There is no set time for detox to take; it simply depends on your addiction. Most inpatient programs devote approximately a week to seeing you through withdrawal phase and returning your body a drug-free state; however, if you need more time, you will receive it. The purpose of detox is to help you adjust.

Supervised detox is one of the best courses of action you can take when attempting to recover from an addiction. While detoxing can be unpleasant, in a medical environment, you will have support to help you get through the worst of the symptoms. If you have attempted to detox on your own with limited success, consider allowing us to help you find a medically supervised detox.