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Avoiding Frustration during Addiction Recovery

Avoiding Frustration during Addiction RecoveryEntering addiction recovery can be humbling, but it can simultaneously be a thrilling promise of a drug-free future in San Diego. What the addict must realize from the outset is that for recovery to work, the addict must be committed for the long haul. True recovery is not accomplished in weeks or months, but years of persistent fighting for sobriety. Many times, the recovering addict will not see much progress in his or her journey and will become discouraged. Learning to utilize small sources of encouragement can help the recovering drug user prevent his or her search for healing from ending too soon.

People Who Can Encourage San Diego Residents

Having the support of family and friends is an indispensable part of recovery. The length of the addiction recovery process can weigh down even the most determined optimist, which is hardly the state of mind of anyone entering treatment. Having to admit your powerlessness against a drug carries with it the temptation to feel defeated and worthless. Having others to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself is sometimes what keeps you going.

It is imperative that you remain completely open with your therapist about your feelings. Therapists have helped many recuperating drug addicts before you, and they are familiar with the cycles of dogged determination and hopeless dejection that you are experiencing. Because of this, they are able to recommend methods of disciplining your mind to recognize and celebrate small victories.

Support groups are another source of encouragement. Let fellow recovering addicts sympathize with your pitfalls, do the same for them as they relate their own and let yourself be inspired by their successes. Listen together to the stories of addicts who have completely recovered. Even they still have days when they struggle, but they have learned how to fight back and depend on those who love them. Make them your role models.

Perspectives That Can Encourage San Diego Residents

Addiction is like a scar that takes time to fade. If you stare at it for days, you will never see a change. If you decide to live your life in San Diego in spite of it, following the guidelines given by your recovery professionals, one day you will notice that it is much smaller and weaker than it used to be. Others around you will see how much you have improved and praise your progress. Relapse will probably happen. Don’t consider yourself a failure when it does; see it as a milestone. If you relapsed, you must have been clean for a time. Strive to make the next clean period a little longer. Your therapists and accountability partners will assist you in this. All relapse signifies is that drug abuse has weakened your body, and it will take training to grow stronger. It does not make you a horrible person or your recovery efforts a waste of time. Keep fighting for your sobriety. It will mean more to you the more times you refuse to let your setbacks stop you.

More Recovery Encouragement

For more motivation to press forward in your recovery program or to find treatment for your addiction, please call our helpline. We are available 24 hours a day, and the number is toll free. Let us help you find freedom from drugs today.