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Are All Addiction Therapy Options the Same?

Are All Addiction Therapy Options the Same?Every person’s addiction is complex in ways that make them better suited for a specific kind of therapeutic experience. While addiction therapy programs have similar qualities and share the common goal of getting patients clean and sober, many of them do so in different manners. This not only allows San Diego users different options for treatment, but also gives them the opportunity to participate in a rehab program that caters to their needs as a recovering user.

Addiction Therapy Options for San Diego Residents

Not all treatment options are the same, and it is important for a user to do some research on the many different types of therapy available before making a decision. When deciding, San Diego residents should consider all aspects of their desired care, from the temperament of the staff to the impact of the environment. Some of the most popular addiction therapy options include the following:

  • Inpatient treatment – This form of treatment is generally the most popular, as it is a live-in facility that provides 24/7 round the clock care. Here, users are involved in group and individual therapy, as well as provided with the opportunity to detox under medical supervision. While inpatient treatment is beneficial for all types of addictions, the most common cases that accept inpatient are users who have either a physical dependency or have difficulty remaining sober.
  • 12-step program – 12-step programs reconnect users with spirituality and fellow recovering addicts.
  • Experiential therapy – Experiential therapy, also known as wilderness therapy, is the opportunity for users to get sober by engaging in active therapy such as rock climbing, rafting, building things and/or riding horses. This form of therapy is extremely beneficial for many people, however, it seems to be more popular with the adolescent, teenage, and young adult crowd as it incorporates fun into their sobriety.

Other forms of therapy include cognitive behavioral therapy (which addresses addiction by providing goal-oriented systems into treatment) and outpatient treatment (which allows users to attend meetings to encourage their sobriety while continuing their daily lives). There are also options for art therapy, hypnotherapy, equine therapy, holistic therapy, family therapy and more.

Therapy Benefits for San Diego Residents

Not all forms of therapy are going to be beneficial to every user, which is why it is so important to choose the right fit for your treatment. Doing so will not only gain San Diego residents sobriety, but also help them to communication openly and honestly with others, address any pressing psychological or emotional issues, learn how to overcome temptation, prevent relapse, and develop a strong support system to keep going strong for a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Therapy Program

With as many options as there are for addiction treatment, it can be difficult for San Diego residents to choose the perfect fit. Call us right now so we can help you address what your biggest concerns are and narrow down your treatment options. Do not put this off for one more day. Call us today.