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Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Adventure Therapy for Addiction RecoveryAdventure therapy has quickly become one of the leading forms of drug and alcohol addiction treatment for San Diego residents. It involves engaging and goal-orientated programs to promote sobriety and structure for a recovering user. This kind of hands-on rehab can greatly encourage a user to work through his troubles through positive outlets, and help him develop an overall lifestyle structure he can carry into his sober life.

What Do San Diego Residents Do in Adventure Therapy?

The following are options for adventure therapy activities:

  • Rope courses and rock climbing: A huge portion of adventure therapy lies in the process and completion of rope courses and the climbing of rock walls. The idea behind these activities is to help encourage, engage and celebrate achievement. Through the practice of these exercises a therapist can delve deeper into a user’s problems and get a firsthand experience as to what challenges them, what frustrates them and what satisfies them.
  • Equine therapy: Equine therapy helps build on a user’s idea of what a relationship is and how to nurture it. The connection between a horse and a human can become extremely deep, as horses are highly receptive to human emotions, actions, and behaviors. This relationship can serve as a trial run for a user re-learning how to maintain a positive relationship with others. It can also develop the user’s self-confidence, as he overcomes the intimation of the horse’s imposing presence to build a relationship.
  • Family sculpture: Family sculpture is a role playing game where users come together to act out their relationships with their families to demonstrate the root of their issues. This provides a safe and positive outlet for a user to express his emotions.

Why Is Adventure Therapy Effective?

Adventure therapy can help recovering San Diego residents, as it involves the following:

  • Building trust: Adventure therapy provides an excellent forum to help build trust. Each user is repeatedly placed in situations where trust is the key to success, i.e. climbing a rock wall with the guidance of another user.
  • Developing teamwork: Teamwork is essential in both the personal and professional lives of a user. Through activities, such as rope courses, where the user must work with another user to achieve their goal, he can practice his teamwork skills.
  • Establishing self-esteem: Through the completion of physical activities and emotions developments, a user can leave adventure therapy with a sense of achievement.
  • Practicing communication: Each one of these activities requires a great deal of communication, which will help the user build upon their current skills so they are able to communicate more clearly and effectively.

Adventure therapy, while not as common as other therapies, is making its mark on the world of rehabilitation. It provides users in San Diego with a stronger sense of self, a better understanding of their emotions, and the tools to carry into their lives as sober individuals.

Are You Interested in Adventure Therapy for Your Addiction Recovery?

If you live in San Diego and are interested in adventure therapy or other forms of addiction treatment, contact us immediately, so we can help you get the treatment you deserve. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today.