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La Mesa Rehab

Although the population of La Mesa, California is barely 60,000, it is part of the greater San Diego area which has a quite large population. This affiliation often makes the town subject to the same drug and alcohol addiction issues that the City of San Diego faces. Addiction is an issue for anyone of any age, but teen drug use is of particular concern. While teens most commonly abuse marijuana, there is much concern that it leads to abuse of other, extremely dangerous drugs.

Dangerous Effects of Drug Abuse in La Mesa Residents

La Mesa RehabThere is a widely accepted idea that some drug use cannot have the negative consequences that other use can. This is an untrue statement. All drug use has the potential to be dangerous and even deadly in some way. Many, if not all, drugs lead to some form of long-term side effects. Depression is common in chronic marijuana users, while alcoholics can experience cirrhosis of the liver. Cocaine and methamphetamine users are subject to psychological disorders similar to schizophrenia. No drug addiction comes without a potentially negative effect. Accidental death from overdose and suicide are also possible outcomes from drug addiction.

It’s important to understand that any and all of these effects can be prevented through treatment. Proper treatment will provide you with the tools you need to safely change your drug use habits, even those that were maybe once medically sanctioned like Vicodin or OxyContin use.

Drug Addiction Treatment for La Mesa Addicts

Addiction treatment has multiple stages. The first stage is used to help you detox and remove yourself from any physical dependencies you have. The second stage allows you to learn how to change your life through multiple forms of therapy, and sometimes even medications if necessary. The third stage is considered the most important stage since it involves how you implement your treatment after release. Additional therapies are always available to help you through difficult times. For example, if you’re referred to a residential program for the most comprehensive treatment, after your release you may also have the option of participating in follow-up programs or moving into a sober living home.

No two programs are exactly alike, and it’s important to balance your desire for comfort with your desire to get healthy. If you’ve tried previously to get treatment and haven’t quite succeeded, you can always try again.

Find a Drug Treatment Program for La Mesa Addicts

Knowing what drug treatment program to choose is probably the most overwhelming task there is. However, our addiction hotline is here to walk you through any concerns you have about drug dependency and the help that is available.