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Carlsbad Rehabilitation

As of January 2010, Carlsbad, California housed a population of just over 100,000 people, making it a reasonably sized suburb of San Diego. Carlsbad is known for having high property values and relatively high incomes. This affluence, however, does not make the city of Carlsbad invulnerable to drug and alcohol addictions.

Drug Addiction Facts

Carlsbad RehabilitationDrug addiction affects people of all ages and financial situations. In fact, according to surveys conducted in 2005, almost three percent of the population of California needed treatment for some form of substance abuse issue.

Marijuana, methamphetamine and alcohol are all commonly addictive drugs, and considered to be the most commonly abused drugs in the State of California. Although no drugs are without side effects, these can all pose serious risks if your addiction goes untreated.

Marijuana Addiction in Carlsbad

Often, marijuana isn’t considered to be exceptionally dangerous or addictive, but it is in fact both. Marijuana addiction comes with the risk of developing severe depression, memory loss and respiratory issues. Severe marijuana addictions are usually treated through inpatient programs, but most often marijuana addictions are treated through outpatient care. Occasionally medication for depression is dispensed along with therapy to help overcome any cravings you may have.

Methamphetamine Addiction in Carlsbad

Crystal meth is highly addictive, even for casual use. Prolonged crystal meth use can lead to psychological disorders, as well as heart attack, stroke and sometimes suicide. Crystal meth is considered a psychological dependency because, much like cocaine, after the first use, you will continuously crave more of the drug in order to replicate the euphoria you first experienced. These cravings can be so strong that, in most cases, crystal meth addictions are not treated through outpatient programs. Instead methamphetamine addictions typically require the same type of residential rehab commonly reserved for heroin and alcohol addictions.

Alcohol Addiction in Carlsbad

Alcohol addiction is often one of the more difficult addictions to diagnose. As with marijuana, many don’t consider it to be serious problem. Alcoholism, however, can harm every aspect of your life, from your relationships with others to your health. Alcoholism is also one of the most prevalent diseases in the US, partially due to the easy availability of alcohol. If you suffer from alcohol addiction and you worry about the negative health effects, consider getting help. Liver damage, heart damage and neurological disorders are all side effects of alcoholism. It’s possible to minimize the severity of these effects by seeking treatment early. Residential treatment is typically recommended as the starting point for alcoholism recovery, before moving on to outpatient care and support groups.

Addiction Treatment for Carlsbad Addicts

If you suffer from an addiction to any of the drugs mentioned above or any other substance, we’re here to help you find a treatment solution in California that’s right for you. Contact our 24-hour helpline today.