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What to Do If Your Loved One Is a Drug Dealer?

What to Do If Your Loved One Is a Drug Dealer?Love for your significant other in San Diego can be put to the test when you find out that he or she is a drug dealer. Your immediate response might be that of uncertainty. Not many people readily know how to address the situation of a drug dealing loved one. Since this is a very sensitive—and perhaps dangerous—situation, your first concern must be keeping yourself safe.

First of all, you should be on guard not to become an addict yourself. It is not rare for people dealing drugs and those close to them to become addiction by having easy access to drugs and constant pressure to use them. Also, you will want to avoid any dangerous situations or violent people that may endanger you or your loved ones.

Having an intervention is a good option to consider if your goal is to help your loved one change his or her actions.

Staging an Intervention to Help a San Diego Loved One Quit Dealing Drugs

Preparing an intervention for a loved one who is involved in the illegal drug business is not as simple as having a typical drug intervention. In this case, the person needs help to change both his way of life and way of making money, and may not necessarily be addicted to drugs.

Hiring a certified interventionist can help San Diego families through this process. You will want to find someone with experience in this kind of situation. Your interventionist will be in charge of assessing the circumstances and deciding what type of approach would be the most beneficial.

Depending on the person and situation, the interventionist will recommend a direct or indirect approach using one of the clinically tested intervention models available. Your interventionist will meet with you before the intervention to discuss your loved one, your experiences, and how to best approach the situation comfortably. Some things you might want to address during the intervention include:

  • The violent characteristics of dealing drugs and the dangers of arrest, job loss, trauma or robbery
  • Concerns about losing your loved one if taken to prison
  • How he or she can be safe in a rehab center to treat addiction
  • The possibility of getting a good job after treatment
  • How rehab instead of jail is his best option, or a possible way to settle legal issues after an arrest
  • Fear for your own life that will cause you to end the relationship

The intervention will be more effective if you take the time to prepare what you will say to your loved one in advance. Make sure to focus on your concern for the health and safety of your loved one and yourself.

Available Addiction Information, Treatment Plans and Counseling

You don’t need to go through this sensitive process all by yourself. If you suspect your San Diego loved one is dealing drugs, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline to receive, at no cost, assistance and advice regarding rehab intervention services, family counseling, medically supervised detox programs, insurance verification, and realistic solutions for your situation.