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What Is Zohydro?

What Is Zohydro?

Zohydro is several times more powerful than Vicodin

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved for use a new opioid painkiller called Zohydro, and hydrocodone is its active ingredient. Hydrocodone is an opioid painkiller that is commonly available as a prescription medication. The most common hydrocodone pills (such as Lortab and Vicodin) often have two main active ingredients, acetaminophen and hydrocodone. The difference between those drugs and Zohydro is that this new substance does not contain acetaminophen. It is the first hydrocodone painkiller made up of pure hydrocodone, which means it is significantly more potent than other drugs available to San Diego residents.

Zohydro is intended to be taken orally so the hydrocodone can be released slowly over a period of 12 hours. Some of the controversy surrounding this drug is that it is significantly more potent, and it does not contain any of the new abuse-resistant technologies that other pain pills do. Other painkillers contain special coatings that make it difficult to crush and snort, and it is also difficult to dissolve and inject these drugs, but this new drug has no such precautions. Opioid painkillers like Zohydro are now the most abused prescription medications in the US. The following controversies surround this new drug:

  • It is five time more potent than the most powerful form of Vicodin
  • It is the only pure form of hydrocodone available as a prescription medication, and dangerous abuse of it may be inevitable
  • The intense feeling of euphoria that Zohydro can offer will put San Diego abusers at greater risk of addiction and other adverse health effects
  • The strongest forms of Vicodin and Lortab contain 10 milligrams of hydrocodone, while Zohydro is pure hydrocodone, meaning it contains 50 milligrams per dose
  • There are already many problems with accidental deaths, abuse and addiction due to less intense prescription drugs that are currently available
  • It can be easily crushed and snorted or injected, which causes the high dose to be absorbed quicker rather than slowly, as it was designed to do
  • Many addiction specialists believe it will simply be a gateway drug to heroin

The belief that Zohydro will inevitably become a gateway drug to heroin is based on the fact that, when San Diego residents that manage chronic pain can no longer fill their prescriptions, then they will turn to other alternatives, like heroin. Heroin and hydrocodone are both opiates, and they essentially do the same job. Critics of Zohydro are concerned with the substance’s approval by the FDA, because it is such a potent substance, and the risk of abuse and addiction are substantial. Petitions are arising for Zohydro’s approval to be reversed to avoid increased accidental death, addiction and abuse rates.

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