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What If My Loved One Refuses to Continue Treatment?

What If My Loved One Refuses to Continue Treatment?Though ultimately it is up to each addict to commit to his or her own recovery, there are many things loved ones can do to help a friend or family member stay the course to sobriety. There are also many things you can learn not to do to avoid enabling substance abuse in San Diego.

Understanding the Addiction Recovery Process for San Diego Residents

Addiction involves physical and psychological changes that feed each other. There is a physical component to addiction that means the addict’s body requires the substance to function. If and when a person quits, he or she will endure withdrawal symptoms that may last several days or even longer than a week depending on the substance and the intensity and longevity of the abuse. Many San Diego residents believe that once withdrawal subsides the addiction has been beaten, but this is not true.

The real power of addiction is found in its psychological effects. The brain craves the substance on a deeper and more powerful level than rational thought. No matter how passionately a person wants to quit drinking or using drugs, their brain just won’t let them. This is a frustrating experience for users and loved ones alike. Recovery requires careful and intensive rehabilitation of the mind through a range of therapeutic techniques and exercises.

Facts about Addiction Treatment for San Diego Residents

The following are a few things every loved one of an addict should understand about recovery:

  • Relapse does not mean the end of recovery
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and clear communication is crucial for long-term success
  • Friends and family must avoid enabling the disease through unhealthy actions they feel are supportive
  • Many addicts must hit “rock bottom,” before they will do what they must to get clean
  • Always believe in the potential your addicted loved one has to recover

Friends and family in San Diego benefit greatly from their own counseling and support group attendance in which they can learn many of the skills necessary to help the addict in their life.

Continued Addiction Treatment for San Diego Residents

Our toll-free helpline is always here to answer any questions you have about the recovery process and what to do – and not to do – when your loved one refuses to continue his or her treatment. We can help you find the support you need to help your loved one find the way to freedom from addiction. We can also connect you with the best recovery resources for your specific needs from support groups and counseling options to the best addiction recovery programs for your loved one. Call today, and let us help you effectively support the recovery of addict you love.