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What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?

What If an Addiction Intervention Goes Wrong?By the time an addiction intervention has taken place, both the addiction and the anxiety of friends and family members have probably gotten serious. If you are the loved one of someone in San Diego struggling with addiction, you may feel stressed about confronting that person about his addiction. Understandably, you might be nervous about the possibility of the intervention going wrong.

But, there are steps you can take to make sure that an intervention has the best possible chance of succeeding. And, if an intervention fails, all hope is not lost. You can get help with staging and intervention and give another intervention a better chance at success.

How to Stage a Successful Intervention for San Diego Residents

It’s important to note several things before discussing strategies for a successful intervention. The first is that staging an intervention is not a substitute for professional treatment in a rehab facility. It is the first step on the way to that treatment. Secondly, as with treatment, there are no guarantees. Every San Diego person’s addiction and circumstances are different. Addressing addiction is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. But, there are some ways increase the chances that your intervention will succeed. Keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Keep it small – it is important that the person who is the focus of the intervention does not feel ganged up on. Regardless of how good your intentions may be, the larger the group, the more likely the addict is to be defensive. By keeping the group small, you make it easier for your San Diego loved one to open up and be honest.
  • Don’t make accusations – It’s important to share your concerns without making accusations. Tell your loved one the signs you’ve seen and the reasons that those signs concern you. Ask questions. Your San Diego loved one needs to know that you care about how she feels and that you are looking out for her, not looking down on her.

Intervention Help for San Diego Residents

If you have a San Diego friend or loved one who is struggling with drug addiction, and you want to help but don’t know how, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. You can speak with a trained addiction counselor who can answer your questions, help you learn about intervention strategies and even help you find professional help with your intervention. Staging an intervention isn’t the solution to drug addiction, but it is an important first step to getting your loved one healthy again. Get help to treat the person in your life struggling with drug addiction. Call today.