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Top Intervention Models

Top Intervention ModelsAddiction is a powerful psychological disease that frequently keeps addicts from understanding their problems. San Diego drug addicts commonly deny their problem, justify it, blame others and dismiss their loved ones’ concerns to keep using drugs. In cases where conversations fail to convince the addict that she needs help, interventions may work. There are several models of interventions, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

What Is the Johnson Method of Intervention?

In the 1960s psychologist Vernon Johnson developed the concept of a group intervention as a way of forcing addicts to recognize the toll their behavior took on both themselves and those around them. Dr. Johnson’s method of intervention included the following elements:

  • A group of concerned friends and loved ones conduct a surprise meeting to catch the addict off guard
  • In some cases addicts were forcibly detained and checked into a program against their will
  • Participants in the intervention prepare for the meeting in advance with a licensed interventionist, and they follow a strict script throughout the meeting
  • The goal is to wake the addict up to the damage he is causing
  • Johnson Method interventions are designed to lead the addict into rehab immediately
  • Although certain elements have evolved over the years, many of the principles of the Johnson Method remain in place to this day. San Diego families can expect straightforward meeting from this intervention type.

How Does the Invitational Approach to Intervention Work for San Diego Residents?

Due to the mental health community questioning the ambush approach of the Johnson method, a gentler approach has recently evolved that utilizes an invitational approach. The primary difference is that San Diego friends and family invite the addict to a meeting in which the group shares their concerns. Other than the surprise factor, many of the ingredients of an invitational intervention are similar to those in the Johnson method.

What Is the ARISE Model for Addiction Intervention?

One of the most popular invitational methods is the ARISE model. Participants follow a strict script and receive coaching and assistance by licensed ARISE interventionists. The ARISE program is divided into the following three phases:

  • The first phase is a carefully orchestrated, non-blaming meeting with in which family members and loved one request the San Diego drug addict to enter a rehab program. If the addict avoids rehab, then a second, firmer meeting is coordinated. If the addict still refuses to enter rehab, a final intervention is held. At this point participants enforce strict consequences and boundaries if the subject still refuses help.
  • In the second phase friends and loved ones support the addict through the recovery process.
  • The final phase prepares both the addict and her loved ones to do what it takes to ensure long-term, lasting recovery.

San Diego Intervention Help

Our specially trained counselors are standing by 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to answer any question you may have about addiction and interventions. Call us today and let us help you help your addicted loved one. Interventions are risky and should not be attempted lightly or without the help of a professional. If you have tried everything else, give us a call.