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Should I Change 12-Step Programs?

Should I Change 12-Step Programs?12-Step programs are an important part of the recovery process. After rehab, your therapist or facility will help you find a 12-step support group that best meets your needs. Regular attendance at meetings helps you learn from others going through many of the same experiences. 12-Step support groups also help those in recovery build new relationships and continue learning new coping strategies and how to live life free from the influence of drugs. But sometimes circumstances require you to find a new 12-step group. Moving to a different town, needing a group that is more specific to your needs, or needing a group that meets at a different time are all reasons San Diego residents change support groups. The important thing is to find a group that works for you.

12-Step Programs

12-Step programs work by putting people together who have similar experiences but are at different stages of recovery. Belonging to a group where people are doing the same thing and coping with the same struggles gives recovering addicts courage to face life without drugs or alcohol. Joining a 12-step program helps San Diego residents begin to believe that recovery is possible. 12-step programs also help you learn from other’s recovery techniques. Along with what you learn in rehab, the people in your 12-step group share important strategies that work for dealing with cravings, anger, depression, and feeling overwhelmed by everyday life. These support groups let you know that your struggles and emotions are normal and help you walk through the recovery process in healthy ways. 12-step programs also let you share your struggles in a non-threatening and non-judgmental atmosphere. Sharing both victories and setbacks lets San Diego residents in recovery know their journey is normal.

Changing Support Groups

Even though you’ve found a great support group, there may be times when a change is necessary. Moving, changing jobs, or getting a different work schedule may make finding a new 12-step program necessary for many San Diego residents. Talk to your current group sponsor, therapist, or members of your support group for help in finding a new meeting. Meeting new people and starting over in a new group may seem overwhelming, but the important thing is to keep attending meetings until you find another place to go on a regular basis. Remember that the people in your new group have the same recovery goals as you and are there to provide friendship and support.

Finding Help for Drug Addiction

Joining a 12-step program after rehab is an important part of the recovery process. If you or a loved one in San Diego struggles with drug addiction we are here to help you. Call our toll-free helpline, open 24 hours a day, to speak to an admissions coordinator. We are ready to answer your questions about addiction and help you find treatment.