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Kinds of Addiction Treatment Services

Kinds of Addiction Treatment ServicesThere are many types of addiction treatment services available to San Diego residents. At the most basic level rehab programs can be categorized as residential, in which patients live in a designated facility while they are being treated, and outpatient, in which patients live at home or elsewhere and attend a treatment program during the day. Outpatient programs vary widely in their intensity. Some meet for many hours every day, while others only require attendance for a few hours a week.

Advantages to Residential and Outpatient Treatment Programs for San Diego Residents

There are advantages to each type of addiction treatment service. Residential programs offer San Diego residents a complete break from the environment in which drug or alcohol abuse developed. Because daily needs are met, patients can focus all of their attention on the business of recovery. They are the best choice for patients with long-standing addictions or an unsupportive home environment. Outpatient programs are less intensive, but they may allow patients to work around job or family responsibilities.

Programs Offered during Addiction Rehabilitation

Once patients have entered rehab, the types of programs and services they receive will depend on a variety of factors. These factors include the following:

  • The particular drug of abuse
  • The extent of addiction
  • Whether there are co-occurring mental health concerns
  • The training and experience of treatment program staff

Counseling will be a large part of rehab for San Diego residents. Types of counseling that may be used include motivational enhancement, relapse prevention, supportive psychotherapy and trauma work. Behavioral therapy and family therapy are often used for adolescents, while those addicted to stimulants are likely to encounter the Matrix Model of treatment.

Some facilities have programs aimed at specific populations. These may include women, young adults or those with a particular cultural background. There are also programs for those who need pain management services in combination with addiction treatment. Higher end or luxury programs often incorporate therapies for both physical and emotional health concerns. Tissue detox may be enhanced by such things as sauna, massage and herbal wraps. Movement therapies such as yoga and tai chi may also be part of the addiction treatment services offered. Depending on the setting and location of the rehab facility, it may be possible for patients to participate in equine therapy, gardening or wilderness challenge courses. Some facilities offer music, art and drama therapies. Recovery programs are as unique as the San Diego residents that participate in them, and you can find the addiction treatment that will match your personality and provide the most effective care.

Addiction Treatment Services for San Diego Residents

If you are curious about addiction treatment services for yourself or a loved one, please call our toll-free helpline. We can help you find the best services for you, and we can even determine if your insurance will cover them. Since we are available around the clock, there is no need to put off getting help. We can help you find a treatment option that is right for you.