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Interventions around the Holidays

Interventions around the HolidaysThe holidays are meant to be festive gatherings in which San Diego loved ones celebrate family and friends. However, they can also be times when personal problems surface, like substance abuse. There are several potential signs of this problem, including the following examples:

  • Constant intoxication
  • Failure to fulfill responsibilities
  • Putting loved ones at risk
  • Ambivalent disregard for others
  • Items like cut straws, needles and razor blades
  • Being combative when people tell users to slow down on drug use
  • Recent jumps to harder drugs
  • Physical marks and scars
  • Extreme mood swings

Loved ones may not realize there is a problem until it manifests during a holiday. If this occurs, a San Diego family must consider that addicts often withdraw from their social circles and relationships to enable the addiction. In such cases, the best way to help an addicted loved one is to conduct an intervention, even if it interferes with the holidays.

How to Plan an Intervention

San Diego residents may wonder when they should plan an intervention. It should ideally take place as soon as possible, and at a time when the addict is least likely to be intoxicated. If everyone lives locally, family members can work with addiction counselors to stage a proper intervention. Otherwise, the intervention might need to take place during the holidays when many loved ones gather together. This does not leave much time for preparation, but people can consider the following important tips:

  • Ask for help and advice from addiction professionals
  • Secure an interventionist to oversee the event
  • Carefully choose which family members will take part
  • Do not include loved ones who might defend the behavior
  • Exclude children from the intervention
  • Prepare letters that are positive in tone, and practice reading them aloud to each other

You can stage an intervention during the holidays, but that gathering would need to be imminent. Any delay in the intervention increases the risk of serious consequences, such as a car accident, overdose or job loss.

How to Stage an Intervention

If a San Diego family opts to avoid a professional interventionist, someone else must moderate the intervention. The moderator will guide the event and respond to any attacks or rebuttals from the addict. Nevertheless, there are ways to make an intervention more effective, including the following ideas:

  • Exude love, concern and solidarity
  • Refrain from blaming the addict or acting angry
  • Avoid condescension or judgment
  • Carefully choose what past events to mention
  • Do not become rattled by protests and retorts
  • Be ready with information about rehab treatment

It also helps if the participants understand addiction; participants should recognize that addiction is a neurobiological disease that chemically changes the brain. It is important that no one espouses the damaging misconception that addicts simply lack willpower and character.

San Diego Intervention Help

Do you need help planning an intervention for a San Diego loved one? If so, we can help; our counselors can explain addiction warning signs, intervention guidance and treatment information. They can also connect you with professional interventionists and check your health insurance for rehab benefits. Our helpline is toll free and available 24 hours a day, so please call now for instant help.