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How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during Addiction

How to Handle Guilt about Actions Committed during AddictionMany recovering drug addicts feel guilty for actions they committed while addicted. It is a natural thought process as you rebuild your life to experience guilt. Before anything else, it is important to find out what is making you feel guilty. After San Diego residents do this, they can form a plan to overcome guilt and truly begin recovery.

Negative Effects of Guilt on Recovering San Diego Residents

Many San Diego drug addicts family dysfunction, broken relationships (both personal and professional), lost trust and made many people angry. This is normal for addicts, as drugs are the most important factor in a user’s life. Drug addicts neglect their responsibilities and friends for another hit. Once you identify the situations you feel guilty for, the next step is to understand what that guilt is doing to you. San Diego residents may feel the following reactions in response to their guilt:

  • Guilt can encourage people to overcompensate. This is never a healthy practice, as it does not resolve the guilt; rather, it keeps you stuck in a cycle of feeling guilty, failing to absolve it, feeling guilty, etc.
  • Guilt can damage a San Diego resident’s everyday life by preventing you from being active. The fear of guilt from making mistakes can be so overwhelming that you avoid situations where someone else may be affected. By turning yourself inward, you hurt your own development and overall mental health.
  • If you are thinking irrationally about your behavior while you were addicted, you may unintentionally isolate yourself from others. This can keep you from full recovery.

Overcoming Guilt to Facilitate Addiction Recovery

After San Diego residents identify their guilt and realize how it can hinder their recovery, they must find ways to release their guilt. Recovering drug addicts can take the following actions to forgive themselves for their behavior while addicted to drugs:

  • Weed out what guilt is yours, and what guilt is someone else’s. If you feel guilty because of a friend or family member, release that burden. Take responsibility only for your actions, not what causes guilt in someone else.
  • Do not sweep the issue under the rug. Confront what is making you feel guilty, and form a plan to forgive. For example, make heartfelt apologies to those you may have hurt. Work with them to reestablish a relationship. Be careful to avoid overcompensating, but make repair attempts and mean them.
  • Realize that you deserve to live a life free of guilt. Dealing with your issues and finding positive solutions will renew your life. Being empowered during recovery is crucial, as you are laying the groundwork for your future successes.

San Diego residents can move past the guilt associated with addiction, but it may require professional help.

Help for San Diego Residents Dealing with Addiction Guilt

Many people don’t know how to handle the guilt from an addiction, but we can help. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline for free information from a caring professional. Learn what guilt does to you, what it has done to those around you and how to move past it in a healthy manner.