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How to Find Culturally Relevant Addiction Help

How to Find Culturally Relevant Addiction HelpSubstance abuse refers to using alcohol and other drugs to induce a high, but different cultures disagree about which drugs to use and which to avoid. This makes recovery a tricky issue, because most cultures use alcohol and other drugs in social or religious situations, so they have codes of behavior for their drug use, but those codes are arbitrary. Because of this, San Diego residents may need to seek rehab that caters treatment to an addict’s unique culture. If you find rehab that understands and accepts your culture, then you will have a better chance of getting and staying clean.

How Addiction Treatment Can Be Culturally Relevant

Understanding a San Diego patient’s culture and how she relates to it helps medical professionals tailor treatment to each individual. Treatment that personally speaks to addicts can better support their efforts to achieve and maintain sobriety, because it can prepare them for sobriety in specific ways. In fact, culturally relevant addiction help will consider the following issues in treatment:

  • Cultural identity
  • Cultural factors of development
  • Involvement with culture

Culturally relevant addiction help understands each addict’s culture and how it influences a person’s identity. During treatment, medical personnel will help people prepare for sobriety by customizing treatment to their backgrounds—such as Native American, Asian, etc. Engaging one’s cultural identity can help San Diego drug addicts understand why they use drugs, which will help them stay sober after treatment ends. Lastly, understanding an addict’s upbringing can help a rehab staff pick the best treatment approach. In other words, you can recover if you have support that understands who you are.

How to Find Culturally Relevant Addiction Help

Not all treatment facilities offer culturally relevant addiction treatment, so consider if you want this kind of help, and seek it out if you do. Before committing to a program, ask questions to find out if they can offer you what you need/want. Culturally relevant addiction help should offer the following services to San Diego residents:

  • Communities
  • Family involvement
  • Cultural recovery

Drug and alcohol addictions complicate communities, so treatment programs should be designed to include input from affected people. With community support, healing and hope are rekindled, and this hope drives the healing process. Secondly, because communities have unique approaches to family, a San Diego resident’s family should be involved in the recovery process. This can help an addict find his place among his loved ones, which will discourage relapse. Lastly, when people have a place in their families, they can identify themselves anew in their cultures, which is a rewarding experience for any recovering drug addict.

Culturally Relevant Addiction Help for San Diego Residents

If you or a San Diego loved one struggles with addiction, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your addiction questions and to help you find the best treatment possible. Reach out right now for confidential, instant support.