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San Diego Drug Addiction Hotline

For many, drug addiction is a difficult subject to broach. Every year hundreds of thousands of people in the United States become addicted or continue their addiction to alcohol or drugs, and this includes teens and adults alike. In fact, almost 40 percent of high school students had used marijuana. Many groups have the ambitious goal of ending their drug use. It’s important to understand exactly what drug abuse can do before you can fully commit to stopping it.

Effects of Drug Use on San Diego Addicts

San Diego Drug Addiction HotlineDrug addiction impacts everyone — family members, law enforcement officers and users alike. Addicts feel the strain of dependency when their health begins to suffer. They’re more likely to experience long-term illnesses and often choose to medicate themselves by increasing the dosage of their drug of choice. This increased self-medication can place strain on your family and friends, and even lead to death.

Family members feel the effects of addictions in numerous ways. Often your loved ones will feel guilty for not being able to help you through a difficult time. Sometimes they may even become angry or depressed. In extreme cases, family members of addicts can become addicts themselves. It’s important to stop the cycle of addiction before too many people are hurt by it.

Addiction is also felt throughout the law enforcement community. Studies have shown a strong correlation between crime and drugs, which makes it even more difficult for law enforcement officers to do their jobs. Over 60 percent of all people arrested in San Diego in 2007 tested positive for at least one type of drug. When you are under the influence of a drug or multiple drugs, it puts your life and the officers’ lives at risk because you’re more likely to do unsafe things.

The best way to ease the burden on everyone is to seek out and complete a proper treatment program.

Ways to Treat San Diego Drug Addicts

Drug addiction can be treated in many ways, depending on the form and severity of the addiction. The most common types of treatment are residential and outpatient programs, and each type offers you a unique means of understanding your addiction. Residential programs are typically more in-depth and can also offer alternative methods of treatment. Outpatient programs have much to offer as well. Most drug rehab programs are medical in nature, meaning they will prescribe medication if it is necessary, and nearly all programs are available for anyone.

Addiction Hotlines for San Diego Addicts

Addiction hotlines are available if you have questions or concerns about seeking therapy or encouraging someone else to do so. Operators are available to ease any worries you may have in a non-judgmental manner. Addiction helplines will even assist you in locating a program that’s right for you, free of charge. Call our toll-free addiction hotline today to get the help you need.