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Gender Specific Tracks for Recovery

Gender Specific Tracks for RecoveryUrban areas such as San Diego tend to have higher rates of serious addictions to illicit substances. If you are living in San Diego and seeking drug addiction treatment, you may benefit from treatment geared toward your gender. Some treatment programs are designed specifically for men, and others are designed specifically for women. Still other programs offer treatment to both men and women but include gender-specific tracks among the various therapies and services offered.

Gender-specific tracks allow men and women in co-ed treatment programs to spend designated periods of time with others of the same gender. This allows patients to bond over shared experiences that they may not be comfortable discussing when people of the opposite gender are present. Gender-specific tracks give patients and therapists the opportunity to address particularly sensitive issues that may otherwise be overlooked.

How Men and Women Cope with Addiction Differently

Gender-specific addiction treatment does not focus on the biological differences between men and women. These treatments are designed to accommodate social and environmental differences found among men and women from San Diego. A woman’s scope of experience can be vastly different from a man’s. Therefore the events that lead women to abuse drugs are not always relatable to the events that lead men to abuse drugs. The number of women who abuse drugs as a result of trauma from sexual abuse and assault is greater than the number of men who abuse drugs for similar reasons. Men and women struggle and cope differently with addiction problems, and anyone can benefit from gender-specific tracks tailored to his or her unique needs.

Unique Needs of Men Seeking Drug Addiction Recovery

Men who have been abused may not realize that their experiences are considered abuse. Men are less likely to seek mental health or addiction treatment. One type of therapy that can help a man admit to having a problem is called Motivational Interviewing. In this type of therapy the therapist and patient discuss the patient’s goals for life in San Diego such as starting a family or progressing in a career. The therapist helps the patient see how his drug problem may be interfering with his goals. By the end of a series of motivational therapy sessions the patient should be willing to seek help from a professional drug addiction treatment program.

Unique Needs of Women Seeking Drug Addiction Recovery

Women are more likely than men to seek help for addiction and mental health issues, and women have their own variety of unique needs when recovering from drug addiction. A woman’s approach to recovering from substance abuse is often deeply related to the context of her life and relationships in San Diego. Whereas men may be motivated by the idea of achieving a life goal, a woman may be more motivated by the idea of creating and restoring personal relationships. Because women are more likely than men to assume caregiving roles, the idea of caring for other people can inspire women to achieve recovery. A mother may be motivated to recover from drug addiction so that she can resume caring for her children.

The Importance of Personalized Addiction Treatment

Of course all people – even people of the same gender – are unique, so there are no definite formulas that lead to drug addiction recovery. Addiction recovery is a deeply personal process that should be tailored to an individual’s needs. In a co-ed treatment program with gender-specific tracks men and women can share their experiences with each other while also reaping the benefits of group therapy sessions with people of the same gender. There are many recovery tools available to men and women from San Diego who are struggling with drug addiction. Gender-specific treatments within a larger program can help men and women recover from addiction problems permanently and live a full life in San Diego.

Need Help Finding an Addiction Rehab Program with Gender Specific Tracks?

If you or someone you know in San Diego is battling drug addiction, call our toll-free number today. We can connect you to a treatment program with gender-specific tracks and the best therapy options for your unique situation. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.