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Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are Offered

Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are OfferedSome people find it incredibly difficult, or even impossible, to say “no” when drugs are offered. As simple as this act seems, when a person’s brain chemistry is wired around addiction, he or she may not be able to resist. Even individuals who desperately want to quit or to abstain may be unable to without specialized treatment and therapy. Fortunately, there are many new techniques, tools and resources that can help San Diego residents stay clean.

The Power of Psychological Addiction

Many people mistakenly believe that psychological addiction is easy to beat if the addict has enough personal character, self-discipline or determination. The real power of addiction, they wrongly assume, is the body’s physical need for the drug. In fact, the opposite is true. When a person gets high on drugs or alcohol, the brain recognizes the emotional or psychological relief and then craves that relief in a way that is much more powerful than rational thought or will. Neurological pathways are chemically re-wired to support the addiction. In order to stay clean and sober in San Diego, addicts must re-program their brain chemistry back to its pre-addiction functionality. This takes time and disciplined rehabilitative work that is not entirely unlike a person learning to walk after a paralyzing injury.

The Secret to Staying Clean in San Diego

The following are excellent techniques that a recovering San Diego addict can use to stay clean:

  • Avoid being in places or with people who are likely to offer you drugs in the first place
  • Watch out for feelings of overconfidence in your ability to resist temptation
  • Build new relationships, or rekindle old ones, with people who do not use drugs
  • Establish a network of accountability with close friends or recovery sponsors who will know where you are, how you are feeling and how you are spending your time and money every day
  • Get involved in healthy activities and serving others and avoid down time and boredom
  • Develop a healthy eating and exercise schedule
  • Attend ongoing recovery meetings frequently
  • Take advantage of the many lasting benefits of residential recovery support if you have not done so already

24 Hour Drug Addiction Recovery Help Is Available

If you or a loved one in the San Diego area is experiencing a crisis and may be tempted to use drugs, please call our toll-free helpline immediately. Our counselors are standing by any time of day or night to encourage you, answer your questions, and provide you with drug resistance coaching on the spot. If you have already relapsed and are determined to make this your last time, we’re here for you as well. After getting to know you and your situation we can connect you with the best rehabilitation program for your specific needs.

Call now and let us provide the support you deserve as you make this critical change in your life. There is no shame in reaching out for help. You are stronger than you realize. We can help you tap into that strength and make drug abuse a part of your past instead of your future. Call now.