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Finding Support for Alcoholism Recovery

Finding Support for Alcoholism RecoveryRecovery does not end after rehab. In fact rehab is just half of the battle. The following weeks, months and even years following inpatient care are when maintained sobriety becomes a challenge for many San Diego alcoholics. For this reason finding continued support is crucial. The following methods will describe post-rehab outlets that you should explore with the goal of achieving complete recovery.

How Alcoholics Anonymous Works

Alcoholic Anonymous is the flagship for peer-focused recovery counseling groups. It is estimated that there are over 2 million members worldwide. The reasons behind its success include the following:

  • It is open to all, regardless of race, religion, gender or belief.
  • The people at AA meetings are in the same struggle for sobriety as everyone else. Newcomers won’t be judged or preached to but will be welcomed and encouraged.
  • AA programs are entirely self-supporting, never accepting more than $3,000 in contributions from an individual member, so it is easily affordable.
  • AA pledges accountability within a community of support making AA one of the best tools to prevent relapse.

The first meeting at AA (or a similar recovery group meeting) can be intimidating. While member records are never publicized, it can still be daunting first experience to be so open to a room full of strangers. The best way to overcome anxiety about such meetings is to attend with a friend. However, if no one you know in San Diego is an AA member, you can always contact your local AA central office and ask for a volunteer companion. Another great way to assuage any worries is to keep doing research. The more you learn about group meetings outside rehab, the more you’ll feel comfortable approaching them.

San Diego Alcoholism Support

Procrastination is one of the greatest enemies of recovery. People will put off seeking support as a reward for completing alcohol detox or because they believe it’s either ineffective or too intimidating. This mentality should be avoided at all costs. Each time San Diego residents put themselves through the cycle of recovery and relapse, they will lose a little bit of themselves. Eventually, it becomes deadly. On the bright side, continued support will lead to recovery.

Alcoholism Recovery Help for San Diego Residents

San Diego residents can call our recovery helpline to find out which treatment options will provide the support needed to overcome alcoholism. Our trained recovery technicians are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Life is too short to waste on alcohol abuse. Give us a call today.