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Convincing a Loved One to Go to Rehab

Convincing a Loved One to Go to RehabPeople addicted to drugs or alcohol may be in denial about how bad their addiction is. They tell themselves they are in control, and they may not realize how much those around them in San Diego are affected by their drug habit. It is hard for loved ones to watch self-destructive behavior, and addiction can put stress on children and other family members. Attempt to get your addicted friend or family member help, before he or she does permanent damage.

How Do Addiction Interventions Work for San Diego Residents?

An addiction intervention is an organized attempt by an addicted person’s loved ones to convince him or her to get help. Coerced treatment is possible in some extreme situations, but it rarely results in long-term recovery and can cause a loss of trust between an addicted individual and his or her friends and family. A better method is talking to the person in an attempt to make him or her aware of how damaging drug use really is.

Johnson Model of Intervention for San Diego Residents

The Johnson model of intervention focuses on the individual in San Diego and how his or her addiction has hurt loved ones. Concerned friends and family members plan ahead of time what they will say to the person during the intervention. Participants will reassert that they care about the addicted person and want him or her to be happy and healthy. They may write letters detailing how the addiction has affected them. It is important to reaffirm that the confrontation is coming from concern and love, since intervention attempts can make addicts feel defensive or attacked.

Systemic Family Model of Intervention

The focus of the systemic family model of intervention is on the family as a whole and on improving their lives and relationships. The nature of addiction is discussed rather than the addicted person. The people closest to the addict learn about addiction and its causes and make positive changes in their lives in San Diego to stop behaviors that may be promoting addiction. This usually involves the whole family going to counseling together, and each person getting an individual treatment plan. The goal is to create a healthier family unit to promote healthy long-term recovery and relapse prevention for everyone involved.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Interventionist in San Diego

A professional interventionist can help address complex issues such as mental health disorders and other psychological issues. If the San Diego residents involved in the intervention are worried about anger, denial or other negative reactions, hiring a professional interventionist is recommended. A professional interventionist can help unify a family in a difficult situation. He or she can also serve as an impartial outsider when it comes to determining the severity of the addiction, and his or her knowledge and experience will come in handy when choosing a treatment center.

The Right Tone for a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Intervention

It is important for loved ones to be supportive of the individual during an intervention but not of the substance abuse. After telling the person how the addiction has hurt them, loved ones should tell the addict the consequences of not choosing treatment. This can include no longer covering for the addicted person’s substance abuse, filing for divorce or no longer providing a place to stay in San Diego. These serious consequences can motivate an addicted person to get treatment, and without financial support for addiction the individual will often have no other choice.

Addiction Intervention and Treatment for San Diego Residents

If you have a family member suffering from drug addiction, don’t lose hope. A successful intervention is possible. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline to find out about treatment options and to get connected with a trained interventionist.