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Benefits of Hearing Success Stories

Benefits of Hearing Success StoriesProfessional rehab includes group therapy in its treatment process and assists patients in finding outside groups in San Diego for the aftercare process. Individuals also benefit from hearing success stories through other sources such as inspirational literature, online recovery boards and a recovery sponsor, but group therapy participation is still one of the cornerstones to a lasting recovery. As stated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in a 2005 treatment manual, “One reason groups work so well is that they engage therapeutic forces – like affiliation, support and peer confrontation – and these properties enable clients to bond with a culture of recovery.”

How Group Therapy Can Help Addicts in San Diego

The SAMHSA manual states that the “powerful curative forces” of group therapy can reach individuals in ways that one-on-one counseling might not. The manual particularly noted that therapy helps address accompanying issues like depression, isolation and shame. As a part of inpatient treatment group therapy can provide San Diego residents with the following:

  • Opportunities to hear different perspectives from people who share similar struggles
  • Opportunities to learn from advanced recovery patients who dealt with particular issues
  • The option to express feelings and emotions about addiction and what initiated the drug use
  • The chance to develop social skills, find new friendships and end feelings of isolation

Success stories are not the only discussions that help. Hearing about struggles can empower recovering San Diego residents, because it lets them know they are not alone and that they can overcome challenges. Offering encouragement and support to another person is an empowering act as well which is why many individuals become a sponsor or create a recovery blog.

Overcoming Addiction

Encouraging stories about recovery successes are huge assets, but someone currently trapped in an addiction will need more help than these beneficial conversations. Group therapy helps foster a clean lifestyle, but comprehensive treatment is the best way to end drug dependency and initiate lifestyle changes. Treatment can include the following:

  • Medically supervised detox services that are customized for the individual and the addiction
  • Emotional support to tackle feelings of guilt, shame or loneliness
  • Mental health treatment for depression, anxiety or other co-occurring mental health concerns
  • Identification of drug-use triggers and the development of a plan to avoid them
  • Behavioral therapies that replace bad habits with positive ones
  • Help restoring relationships damaged by the addiction

Group therapy is an important part of the inpatient treatment process, but recovery does not stop there.

Addiction Recovery Aftercare for San Diego Residents

Group therapy helps San Diego residents face addiction during initial treatment, and it also plays an important role in the aftercare process. Rehab centers will connect their patients with local groups in San Diego, and these group will help do the following:

  • Teach a person how to forgive or ask for forgiveness
  • Create a sober environment and social circle
  • Keep a recovering addict busy with positive activities
  • Watch for setbacks and relapse signs
  • Hold people accountable for their recoveries
  • Make sure the person attends group therapy and counseling sessions

During inpatient treatment the group comes together to get clean. In aftercare therapy the group fights together to stay clean. In both instances group therapy validates the age-old saying that there is strength in numbers.

Get and Stay Clean

Are you ready to create your own success story? Our caring staff is available 24 hours a day to help you find and maintain addiction recovery. Call our toll-free helpline to ask questions about treatment, rehab facilities and support groups. Call today, and get started on the road to recovery.