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San Diego Addiction Treatment

The complete metropolitan area of San Diego, California is home to more than three million people, and a destination for millions of tourists each year. Unfortunately, San Diego is also considered a HIDTA, or High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the DEA. Cities with this designation are considered vulnerable to drug addictions because of the large amount of illicit substances entering and leaving the area.

Addiction is not dependent on age, race or economic status. In an environment with easy access to drugs, it becomes even more necessary for you to get the help you need. By understanding the types of addictions out there, and what treatment is available, you’ll be even more prepared to begin your recovery efforts.

Information About Drug Addiction in San Diego

It’s already been noted that everyone is different, and this means that everyone experiences drug addiction differently. There are, however, some common symptoms of addiction that nearly every addict shares, such as:

  • Increased Consumption. Most addicts experience periods of increased consumption as their bodies develop a tolerance to drugs or alcohol. This increased tolerance can result in dangerous and deadly overdoses.
  • Physical or Mental Withdrawal. All drugs dependencies come with some form of withdrawal when you attempt to stop taking them. Physical withdrawal occurs as drug toxins are leaving your system. Mental or emotional withdrawal can be just as difficult to tolerate, if not more so, because psychological withdrawal can even manifest itself as physical pain.

Types of Drug Addictions in San Diego

San Diego Addiction TreatmentAddictions that cause physical withdrawal symptoms are most often considered physical addictions. Alcohol and opioids are some of the most commonly thought of physical addictions. In just a six-month period, heroin and other opiates made up 25 percent of treatment admissions in San Diego. These addictions can be difficult to treat because often people relapse before completing detox.

Psychological withdrawal is caused by drugs like crystal meth, cocaine and even marijuana. These drugs all stimulate or depress the nervous system and can lead to neurological disorders and even severe depression. San Diego has an extremely high methamphetamine admission rate, which is a promising sign because crystal meth addiction is nearly impossible to beat alone. Withdrawal from methamphetamine use can last days and sometimes months, if left untreated.

Regardless of the type of addiction, there are options at your disposal. Treatment can be as comprehensive as you want it to be, as there are programs that are residential and those that allow you to remain in your own home.

Finding Rehab for San Diego Addicts

If you are an addict and ready to discuss drug rehab options, contact our helpline today. We can talk you through the process of getting help.