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Addiction Assessment

Addiction AssessmentWhile it can be intimidating to come to terms with an addiction, it can be just as intimidating to seek help. However, knowing what to expect from the treatment process can calm your anxieties. If you have an addiction in San Diego, the first step in treatment is typically an addiction assessment to determine how best to proceed with treatment.

What Happens during an Addiction Assessment?

When a San Diego resident seeks treatment at a rehab facility, she will likely be interviewed and assessed by a professional at the facility. This may involve both written and verbal questioning, as well a physical exam in order to determine information such as how the patient’s became addicted, the length of time of the addiction, the type of addiction, and her criminal and medical history. A patient may also be asked about her personal goals, ambitions, family life, and school or work experiences in order to determine the patient’s readiness to embrace treatment. A patient will also be assessed on the possible presence of other mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety. These co-occurring conditions, also known as having a dual diagnosis, are common among addicts and will need to be treated alongside the addiction to attain a complete recovery.

How an Addiction Assessment Helps San Diego Residents

The two main goals of an addiction assessment are to determine if there is in fact an addiction present and, if so, to determine the best course of treatment. Substance addiction treatment needs to be individualized and comprehensive, so it is important to know as much as possible about the patient in order to create an effective plan of treatment. It helps to determine how severe the addiction is, and how serious the patient is about getting and staying clean. It helps the staff to better understand what sorts of circumstances and thought patterns might be influencing the addiction and can better prepare the clinicians to measure the individual’s progress during treatment. San Diego residents can expect a better treatment experience, if they begin with an addiction assessment.

What Happens during Rehabilitation for San Diego Residents

Every San Diego resident’s rehab experience is different, and treatment should be tailored to meet your needs. The staff will work with you to develop a plan of treatment. You have input in the process, so make sure that you voice any question or concern you might have. The treatment will almost certainly involve a plan of detox, counseling, group therapy, individual therapy and support group attendance. Depending on the program, it might also involve other elements like family therapy, drug education classes, relapse prevention training, and health and wellness opportunities. Many rehab facilities teach art or music as therapeutic activities, as well as more experimental activities such as equine therapy or adventure therapy. When a person receives quality comprehensive care the chance of a full recovery increases dramatically.

Addiction Assessment Help for San Diego Residents

Do you suspect that you or someone you love in San Diego may have an addiction problem? Please call us and get your questions answered by one of our trained counselors. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so don’t wait any longer to get the help you need. Call us today.