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5 Differences Between Rural and Urban Drug Abuse

5 Differences Between Rural and Urban Drug Abuse

San Diego residents face problems with drug abuse regardless of their location

San Diego residents face problems with drug abuse regardless of their location. If you live in a rural or urban area, be aware of how those areas influence drug abuse in the following five ways:

Different Kinds of Drugs Are Available

One of the most prevalent differences between rural and urban drug abuse are the types of drugs that are available. In urban areas it may be easy to find your drug of choice because of the number of dealers, but in rural areas there may be fewer drugs to choose from. Street drugs (such as crack cocaine and heroin) are often found more often in cities, but rural areas may have more pharmaceutical drugs due to the number of users who have access to prescriptions.

Addiction Awareness in Rural Areas and Cities

The number of drug users in cities may be higher than in rural areas, but people in cities tend to be more aware of the threats of drug abuse than the people in rural areas. Having a limited awareness about addiction and the dangers associated with it make it less likely for San Diego users to seek treatment to combat addiction. Until you seek addiction treatment, your addiction will get worse; the longer you wait to seek help, the more difficult it will be to recover.

Living with Addiction

Both because of the lower awareness and the difference in socioeconomic situations, users in rural areas may be more likely to live with addiction without receiving treatment. Since the cost of living is cheaper in rural areas than in cities, it may be relatively easy for rural San Diego drug users to afford addiction, so they may continue fueling addiction without suffering financially. Furthermore, having access to cheaper drugs may make it more difficult for users to avoid relapse after treatment ends.

Addiction Treatment in Rural Areas and Cities

Addiction treatment is always available, no matter what area you live in, but San Diego residents in rural areas may need to travel farther than urbanites to receive quality care. On the other hand, while good treatment centers may exist in the city where you live, you may want to travel to another city for addiction treatment, because you can then recover in an environment away from drug-using friends and other distractions.

Addiction Is Always a Threat

You may wonder which is worse when it comes to addiction: living in a city or a rural area. Every situation is different, but addiction will remain a threat wherever you live. The onset of addiction may be different in rural areas than in cities, but with continued drug abuse San Diego residents will become addicted no matter where they live.

Help for San Diego Drug Addicts

If you live in San Diego and suffer from addiction, then call our toll-free helpline now to learn more about addiction treatment. Our admissions coordinators can even find out if your health insurance will help pay for rehab. Our staff are available 24 hours a day to direct you to an effective treatment center, so call anytime to begin recovery.