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What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?

What Should I Do If Friends Pressure Me to Use Drugs?Many teenagers and young adults start to use drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure. The need to feel accepted by others can cause San Diego residents to engage in dangerous activities, even drug abuse. If you or someone you know is pressured to use drugs, consult a trusted friend or loved one to avoid this problem.

How Do Friends Influence Drug Use?

Friends can influence people to leave comfort zones and try new activities. These activities can be positive, but San Diego friends may encourage drug use in any of the following ways:

  • The need to fit in with the group
  • Others may be using in front of you
  • You are curious about the side effects

You may feel pressured to abuse drugs because all the other people in your social group are using drugs and/or alcohol. By not using drugs or alcohol you may feel like an outcast, so you remedy this by partaking in a dangerous activity. Additionally, your friends may abuse drugs or alcohol in front of you and leave their drug paraphernalia in your environment. This may cause you to become curious and try the drugs to experience the same side effects.

How to Avoid Peer Pressure for Drug Abuse

Learning to balance sobriety with friendship can be challenging, but San Diego residents can achieve this feat with any of the following examples:

  • Change social groups to only non-drug users
  • Make it known that sobriety is your first priority
  • Build a circle of friends to support your efforts

When recovering addicts complete treatment and return home, they face several difficult decisions, like changing their social circles. If a San Diego resident is friends with addicts, then she must remove herself from these people for the best chances at sobriety. Also, tell your family members and friends that your sobriety is your first priority, so you will not tolerate anything that jeopardizes recovery. Lastly, build a strong foundation of friends who can give you strength during hard times. These friends can also help you overcome cravings if you call and talk rather than abuse drugs.

San Diego Addiction Treatment

If you or a San Diego loved one is suffering from an addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are here 24 hours a day to offer guidance and to connect you with the best treatment resources available. They can answer your addiction questions and help you find treatment. Your life is worth the call, so call us today.