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What Are My Responsibilities to My Addicted Friend?

What Are My Responsibilities to My Addicted Friend?If you’re friends with a San Diego addict, you’ve been through the pain and distress caused by not being able to fix some tough problems. Addiction hurts the addict for sure, but it also hurts you, because you’re losing a friend. You may want to help your friend with the addiction, but you may not know how to do that. There are ways you can help your friend, but understand that it’s not your fault he’s suffering from an addiction. Do what you can to help, but don’t blame yourself for what he’s going through.

How Long Should I Try to Help an Addicted Friend in San Diego?

Many San Diego residents repeatedly help their addicted friends to no avail, so they eventually give up. Your frustration is understandable, but giving up on your friend may leave her feeling even more hopeless than before, and she may avoid treatment because she feels abandoned. If your San Diego friend continues to resist your advice, don’t push her all the time, but remind her occasionally that you think she needs help. If the relationship is rocky, you don’t have to talk to her all the time about attending rehab, but call her up and ask her how she’s doing. Ask if she’s thought about treatment. It doesn’t have to be a constant battle, but staying involved in your friend’s life could make a huge difference.

What Can I Do to Help an Addicted Friend in San Diego?

Besides talking to him about rehab, there are other, more drastic things you can do to try to create change in your friend’s life. If your friend is resisting treatment, talk to his other San Diego friends and loved ones to consider organizing an intervention. An intervention will provide an open forum for all the user’s loved ones to confront him about the addiction. Having everyone in one place to deliver a unified message can be overwhelming for an addict, and it may cause him to seek treatment. Even if an intervention doesn’t work, that’s not the end of the road. Don’t stop trying until you get your friend into treatment for his addiction.

San Diego Addiction Help

If you’d like to give your San Diego friend more information about rehab, or if you are suffering from an addiction yourself, call our toll-free helpline. Let us tell you about rehab and direct you to a quality rehab center. We’re here for you 24 hours a day to talk about your treatment options, what you can do about addiction, and to tell you if your health insurance will pay for your rehab. Call us now and let us do everything we can to help you heal from addiction.