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The Risks of Drug Use During Physical Activities

The Risks of Drug Use During Physical Activities

When drug users are physically active, they have increased risks for heart problems and injury

The risks of drug use can vary greatly depending on the user, the dose and the setting, but certain activities are known to increase the risk of drug use. Physical activities can greatly increase the risks of drug use by increasing a user’s heart rate, but they can also affect other bodily processes that expose a user to additional dangers. Instead of letting drugs deter you or a San Diego loved one from physical activity, and instead of putting yourself in danger because of your drug abuse, then seek help for drug addiction right now. Professional treatment can help you take part in physical activities safely, which will definitely improve your life.

Increased Heart Rate and Drug Abuse

Depending on the drug that a San Diego resident takes, he will likely experience either an increased or decreased heart rate without physical activity. Furthermore, when drug users add the effects of physical activity on top of their already altered heart rate, then the results can be dangerous. In other words, whether you are abusing stimulants or depressants, exerting yourself with physical activity will increase your heart rate, which may strain it to dangerous levels. Overworking your heart can cause a heart failure or an increase in the chances of contracting long-term heart problems.

How Drug Abuse Affects the Body

Beyond your heart, drug abuse has effects on the body that can make San Diego residents less effective during physical activities, and they can put users at risk for physical injury or health complications. For instance, drug abuse alters levels of chemicals in the brain and body by changing the signals that the brain sends. These signals usually provide the body with important information, like when to rest and when to eat. When your brain’s chemistry is off-balance, then you can more easily become dehydrated or fatigued. Also, as a result of drug abuse the immune system can suffer, which makes users more prone to illness, and it causes illnesses to linger. It is dangerous to abuse drugs, so seek professional help as soon as possible to quit using drugs.

Help a San Diego Drug User Get Clean

San Diego residents do not have to live with drug addictions, because our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to connect you with professional help. Call our toll-free helpline now to ask any questions you have about addiction, and to find out more about the addiction treatment process. Our staff can let you know what kind of treatment options are available, and they will tell you if your health insurance will cover rehab. Give us a call today to begin recovery as soon as possible.