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The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

Gambling binges may result in loss of assets

A gambling binge is characterized by a short period of time wherein someone indulges herself in excessive gambling. The odds of actually winning big during a gambling binge are nearly impossible; instead, the binge often results in dramatic losses not only financially, but also relationally, socially, physically, mentally and professionally. San Diego gambling addicts that avoid treatment often experience binges if they return to gambling after abstaining from it for a period of time. The temptations can become too much to handle, so the addict may suddenly gamble so much that she loses everything.

Gambling addicts typically ignore limitations, meaning they do not stop at safe points. Addiction is characterized by continuing a behavior in spite of the consequences. The immediate risk of a gambling binge is severe financial loss, but it can also cause any of the following problems:

  • Loss of relationships – A gambling binge may encourage addicts to find or steal every possible dollar available to them. This can lead San Diego residents to steal from friends and family members, which can destroy those relationships.
  • Loss of assets – Selling assets, regardless of personal value or sentiment, is common among gambling addicts. Cars, homes, kids’ college funds and other assets commonly fall prey to funding a gambling addiction.
  • Loss of employment or prospects – When a gambling addiction or binge occurs, it can cause job loss or problems finding jobs in the future
  • Loss of social stature – When gambling addictions are discovered, San Diego residents may lose their social stature and friends, especially if they are in a political or entertainment spotlight
  • Loss of physical or mental health – A gambling binge can lead to numerous mental and physical health problems. Anxiety, depression, stress and severe mood swings are common traits of a gambling addict. Suicidal thoughts and attempts can often arise among gambling addicts that lose big from a binge.
  • Loss of freedom – The consequences of a gambling binge and the intense stress that results can cause San Diego residents to treat others with hostility. There is a direct correlation between domestic violence cases and problems with gambling, but stealing and violence commonly lead to legal problems and jail time.

Seek professional treatment to avoid future consequences of gambling addiction. Treatment will also help you achieve a speedy and healthy recovery. Professional treatment for a gambling addiction can provide behavior therapy that equips San Diego gambling addicts with the tools they need to overcome the temptations and triggers of addiction.

Help Finding Treatment for Gambling Addiction

If you or a San Diego loved one struggles with gambling addiction, then call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find a treatment program that will work for you. Experience a life free from addiction by calling us today.