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The Importance of Family Mediation

The Importance of Family MediationFamily mediation is a process in which a professional works with a family in San Diego to solve a dispute. The mediator facilitates honest yet non-confrontational communication between disagreeing family members, leading them to focus on the solution to the problem rather than its history.

The mediator does not make decisions for the family; he merely ensures that each party’s desires and expectations are communicated clearly. In a safe and confidential environment, family mediator identifies the problem that needs to be solved and helps the family discuss possible solutions.

When Is Mediation the Best Option for San Diego Families?

Family mediation may be particularly useful when family members have tried and failed to be fully honest with one another about an important issue, or if past attempts at open communication have spiraled out of control, resulting in anger or violence. Family mediators are often involved in drug addiction interventions in San Diego, because an addict may be in an unstable state due to a mind-altering substance or unwillingness to admit to his addiction.

Holding an intervention without the help of a family mediator may be messy, even if it is heartfelt. Interventions should be personal and emotional, but they should also be structured. This will benefit not only the addict, but everyone involved.

What Is a Family Mediator’s Role in Addiction Intervention?

There are a number of situations in which a family mediator can benefit both parties. Custody battles, property disputes, and drug interventions are only a few examples of tense situations where a family mediator may make things easier on the family and limit the damage caused by unhealthy communication.

During a drug intervention, the family mediator, also called an interventionist, gathers information from the people in an addict’s life, which may include family members, friends in the San Diego area, co-workers, and mentors. The mediator researches treatment options and puts together a treatment plan that suits the addict’s individual needs and satisfies the family’s stipulations. Each participant writes down what he or she wishes to express, and the family mediator ensures that all issues are discussed.

Ultimately, the goal is not only to help each family member reach his or her goals, but to empower the family and effect change that benefits all parties. Consider whether outside support is necessary when holding an intervention. There are many advantages to having a family mediator when holding a drug intervention for a loved one.

Treatment for San Diego Residents Struggling with Addiction

If you or a loved one in the San Diego area is suffering from a drug addiction, call our toll-free helpline to speak with a counselor about treatment options. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to offer advice and help you decide on a treatment plan that suits your needs. Don’t wait any longer to regain control of your life. Call today.