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The History of Addiction Recovery

The History of Addiction RecoveryEarly addiction recovery programs were ineffective due to lack of knowledge and resources. Recovery and treatment programs have increased in effectiveness, and there are more and more varied options for San Diego residents than ever before. Scientific research has had a tremendous effect of the success of recovery programs.

The History of Addiction Recovery

In the past non-addicted San Diego residents viewed drug addiction as a moral flaw. The most common forms of treatment involved the following:

  • Imprisonment
  • Sentencing to asylums
  • Church-guided prayer

Without proper knowledge and resources these methods were generally ineffective and inhumane. Painful withdrawal symptoms and suffering were considered a necessary part of rehabilitation. The pain was viewed as punishment for having the moral flaw of being an addict.

San Diego Addiction Recovery Today

Today we understand that addiction is a disease that has long-term effects on the brain. Today’s addiction treatment typically involves a combination of therapy options. During treatment the addict is placed in a treatment program that is tailored to his or her specific needs. Today’s treatment programs help recovering San Diego residents avoid severe withdrawal symptoms through medical attention and treatment. Detox helps recovering users to think clearer, engage in activities and become involved in their recovery. Medical advancements increase the chances that an addict can maintain sobriety, once he or she leaves a treatment and recovery facility.

The Future of Addiction Recovery for San Diego Residents

Developing improved treatments for addiction is becoming easier due to scientific research. The more we understand and learn about addiction, the more we can effectively treat it. Learning more about the brain may help us quickly restore proper brain function in drug addicts. Once we learn more on how the brain is affected by the use of drugs, we can speed up the recovery process and treat the addiction directly.

Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation for San Diego Residents

Treatment options available to San Diego residents are highly effective and increase the chances of maintaining sobriety. Call our toll-free help line any time, as we are available 24 hours. We are here to address any question you may have regarding your or a loved one’s treatment options. Call us today to take the first step towards sobriety.