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The Effects of Drinking and Hangover on Job Performance

The Effects of Drinking and Hangover on Job PerformanceMany San Diego residents miss out on job wages, because they call in sick for work due to alcohol consumption. Many people engage in light to moderate drinking that causes hangovers, which people either nurse at home or develop during the day after drunkenness wears off. Many people consider moderate drinking and hangovers to be normal, so some employees think they pose no significant threat to employment. But, problem drinking affects many people, so seek professional help to recover from alcoholism and to return to work while sober.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Hangovers can cause any of the following problems:

  • Excessive absences from work
  • Chronic tardiness
  • Missed deadlines
  • Careless work and incomplete assignments
  • Unmet production quotas
  • Poor or difficult relationships with co-workers
  • Argumentative behavior
  • Decreased patience with customers
  • Working poorly with others
  • Sleeping on the job
  • Poor job performance
  • Ignoring safety procedures

Many jobs require San Diego residents to operate heavy machinery or other dangerous tools that require concentration, but employees with a hangover may not be able to concentrate fully, or even stay awake. Technical skills and the ability to perform certain tasks diminish when people have hangovers, but being under the influence of alcohol is even worse, as it can pose the following problems:

  • Tremors or general unsteadiness that can be dangerous, especially for San Diego residents who work dangerous tools or materials
  • Excessive friendliness and loud speech that deters customers
  • Co-workers or supervisors may smell alcohol or notice behavioral effects of drunkenness
  • Being intoxicated while on the job can lead to immediate termination

Being under the influence of alcohol can lead San Diego residents to many behaviors they would normally avoid, so drunkenness can lead to job loss. In fact, drunk people tend to suffer any of the following problems:

  • Being arrested for disorderly conduct or driving under the influence
  • Revealing confidential information relating to their employer or clients
  • Badmouthing a boss or co-worker that could be overheard by a fellow employee
  • Posting licentious behavior on social media sites that co-workers or supervisors can access
  • Getting drunk at an office party or gathering

Alcoholism can easily lead to job loss, and it can make it difficult to gain other jobs. San Diego residents should seek treatment for alcoholism to experience a healthier life and to stay employed.

Treatment for San Diego Alcoholics

If you or a San Diego loved one struggles with alcoholism and needs help, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are standing by 24 hours a day to help you find treatment that will work with your unique needs. Get help for your problem and call us today.