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The Connection between Addiction and Violence

The Connection between Addiction and ViolenceDrug addiction and instances of violence have a long, well-recognized history. Abuse from alcoholic parents or other caregivers form the backgrounds of many displaced and troubled adults. The sudden bouts of rage from drug addicts cause emotional turmoil in those who live with them. San Diego residents who abuse drugs or who suffer from someone else’s drug abuse should seek professional help to overcome these issues. With help, addicts can get clean and live peacefully.

Addiction and Domestic Violence

Having drugs in the home presents a constant threat of abuse. Even if they entered the home under the auspices of a prescription, and even if a user adheres to the dosage instructions, someone else could encounter these drugs and abuse them. This may happen either out of curiosity or due to a long-standing drug problem. Abusing addictive substances creates unpredictable results that depend on a user’s unique temperament and body chemistry. However, violent mood swings often develop in any drug user, regardless of the substance he chooses.

Even mild San Diego residents can become aggressive if someone suspects them of drug abuse, and they may become even more unstable if someone interferes with their drug abuse. This may stem from the anxiety that drives addicts, which causes them to see anyone as a threat if they oppose drug use. This suspicion may lead users to give fierce ultimatums to loved ones, or they may even resort to physical violence with little to no provocation. Additionally, San Diego users may suffer other destructive effects of drug abuse, like neglecting other responsibilities to pursue drugs.

Addiction and Violent Crimes

The aforementioned mood swings can dominate a user’s senses anywhere she is, which may lead to altercations in ordinary public situations. Also, many drug addicts may suffer lapses in judgment, which may lead intelligent people to make the following thoughtless decisions:

  • Starting a fight over trivial matters
  • Challenging people to fights despite their size, strength or support
  • Unnecessary physical risks, like unprotected sex
  • Driving a vehicle dangerously

The injuries that result from these actions can land San Diego drug addicts in legal trouble, which will only compound a user’s problems.

San Diego Addiction Help

If you or your San Diego loved one suffers violence at the hand of a drug user, or if someone close to you committed a criminal act due to addiction, then please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. We have information about treatment centers and safety precautions that can improve your life and bring you hope. Call us today and let us point you and your loved ones toward recovery.