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Taking Communion as a Recovering Alcoholic

Taking Communion as a Recovering AlcoholicWhile recovering San Diego alcoholics must adjust their lives to avoid relapse, sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain where to draw the line. Religious individuals may want to handle communion delicately to ensure that they remain dedicated to recovery without compromising an important aspect of their faith. You can participate in both aspects of your life, recovery from alcoholism and your religious faith, without compromising your health.

Some recovering alcoholics who are Christians can participate in communion without feeling that they threaten their self control, but others fear relapse at the prospect of smelling wine. For San Diego residents who think they must draw distinct boundaries to remain alcohol-free, taking communion may feel like bending the rules. Each recovering alcoholic should take into account both his spiritual convictions and personal limitations when deciding to partake in communion.

How Alcoholics Can Handle Communion

Many Catholics believe in the sanctity of the wine used in communion, so San Diego Catholics may think there is no substitute for wine at communion. However, a priest may make special arrangements for a recovering alcoholic, such as setting aside a piece of bread with just a drop or two of wine. However, most Protestants believe the wine to be merely symbolic, so many of their churches offer grape juice to enable the participation of youth, recovering alcoholics and those who entirely avoid alcohol.

If a recovering alcoholic in San Diego wants to take communion but finds that cannot make other arrangements, she should consider the strength of her temptation versus the strength of her desire to participate in the religious ceremony. For alcoholics who know they cannot handle exposure to alcohol, it might be wise to abstain temporarily until they become more secure in their sobriety.

The best way to determine the option that is right for you is to consult a religious authority for counsel and ask about potential alternatives. Also, San Diego residents can heed the advice of therapists and others who can help them overcome addiction. Recovery and religion are compatible, but they may require some professional help.

San Diego Alcoholism Help

If you live in San Diego and are addicted to alcohol, we can help you sort through the worries about recovery. Call our toll-free helpline for information on treatment options. Our trained counselors are available 24 hours a day to connect you with the program that is right for you. Don’t get discouraged; get help.